Cap d'AntibesCap d'Antibes
©Cap d'Antibes|Ville Antibes -Juan les Pins
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2 days to discover the Cap d’Antibes

July 2021

This may be the best way to finish off your visit of Antibes. The Cap d’Antibes ticks all the boxes for a postcard view: turquoise water, sweet-smelling Mediterranean vegetation, idyllic bathing spots… Thanks to dynamic conservation, it also reveals to the curious some little-known but every bit as precious facets.

Published on 17 August 2021

Dream holidays in France: the Cap d’Antibes

For your holidays in the South of France, between Cannes and Nice, the Cap d’Antibes is a peninsula which “finishes off” the town of Antibes . A small area of 3.7km2 but also a great treasure for nature and the eyes. The landscapes are sublime but the Cap also owes its “glitter” side to its visitors, as a place that has been very popular with stars, artists and film personalities since the 19th century. After Flaubert, Charlie Chaplin… the world of show-biz has now found its place on the cap, and particularly at the Hôtel du Cap Eden Roc. To explore this natural setting, choose the sea and change your outlook by renting a boat, a sea kayak or a paddle. We just love the little creeks and beaches of the Cap d’Antibes, perfect for a more private break, with your eyes on the horizon. But don’t worry, if you’d rather have your feet on the ground, the Cap also has some good surprises in store.

Cap Antibes par Ben LamotteCap Antibes par Ben Lamotte
©Cap Antibes par Ben Lamotte

It’s one of the rare places in the department where walkers can see nearly all the Alpes Maritimes with a range of light and colour that appears as you scroll through this panorama and the horizon stretches unendingly into the distance. Your eyes will straight away be drawn to Nissa la Bella, and its escort of the Alps of the Mercantour Parc which, from season to season, protect it from the stifling heat of the summer and wrap a white shawl around it in winter. And finally the mountains diving into the Mediterranean, a heavenly setting with turquoise waters, and the unique tranquillity make this motionless show one of the most magical on the Côte d’Azur.

Anything special we should see?
A first short stop at Pointe Bacon to admire the sweeping view of the Bay of Nice and then the beach at La Garoupe whose transparent waters with their different shades of blue rival with paradisical islands at the other end of the world. From there, you can take the Sentier du Littoral (coastal path) and discover thousands of different landscapes. You can also reach the Baie des Milliardaires (Billionaires’ Bay) by sea (kayak or paddle) and easily approach all the secret creeks around rocky outcrops. At the end of the day, head for the Phare de la Garoupe (lighthouse) with its 360° view over Juan-les-Pins and Antibes and admire the fiery sunset sparkling over the deep blue sea.

Day 1 : collection of panoramas on the Cap d’Antibes

Do you have a boat for visiting Antibes? Jump on board at Port Gallice, sail past the Port de l’Olivette and then take a break and dive into the water. With flippers, goggles and a snorkel, take the Batterie du Graillon underwater trail and see the wildlife of this Natura 2000 approved area. For a heavenly afternoon, go to the Baie des Milliardaires and moor there, respecting the environment: you must not drop your anchor in the underwater Posidonia meadows and look for the sandy areas. The Donia app, which identifies the authorized mooring areas, will be your best friend to look after Mother Nature. Turquoise water, a little pebble beach you can reach by sea or on a path on the land, Mediterranean vegetation … a real picture postcard which also houses some luxurious villas. Between siesta-time and swimming, look out for the birds: there are many of them, such as the Common Tern, which nests or passes through the reefs along the coastline. It’s easy to recognize with its bright orange beak and its black cap. Head back to the harbour at sunset, to complete the palette of holiday memories on the Côte d’Azur.


Day 2: explore the Cap d’Antibes

Back on land… it’s difficult to choose between two villas! In the middle of the peninsula, visit the jardins de la Villa Thuret, managed by INRAE and the property of the government. In the early morning (only on weekdays), the welcome cool of these botanical gardens which are home to 2,500 exotic species of trees and shrubs is very welcome. On the subject of this venue which is now labelled a Jardin Remarquable, George Sand wrote in 1868 that it was “the most beautiful garden she had ever seen in her life”. At the end of the peninsula, you just have to see the Villa Eilen Roc: a luxurious 19th-century villa that now belongs to the town of Antibes, following a bequest by the Beaumont family in 1982. The gardens overlook the sea: rose-garden, olive grove, vegetable garden, aromatic plants… and are absolutely enchanting. Not far from the villa, take the Sentier du littoral known as “Tire-Poil” with its view of the Iles de Lérins: you’ll need good shoes for its 5-km and 2-hour walk but you’ll get a real feeling of freedom as you go along the cliffs. And you’ll end up at the La Garoupe beach with its incredible view of the Alps. Most of the area is a private beach, so don’t forget to book your mattress!



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