Le Massif du Tanneron

February 2022

Travel around the Pays de Fayence and its 9 hilltop villages on the pretty roads of the massif du Tanneron. Don’t miss the Tanneron on the Route du Mimosa – it’s famous for its yellow gold that flowers in wintertime. Its heights offer a 360° view from the Ligurian coast to the Alpes de Haute Provence. A truly stunning show!

Published on 21 March 2022

Follow the Route du Mimosa!

Every year, the mimosa flowering period is eagerly awaited by nature lovers and those who want a beautiful shot. The cradle of mimosa-growing, the Massif du Tanneron is clothed in a delicate yellow robe from December to the end of February. You have three months to walk along the hiking trails and breathe in the delicate and very special smell of mimosa. One of these trails is called “Coeur de Mimosa” and takes you from mimosa plantations to the forest of wild mimosa trees! You may not be able to go to Japan to admire the cherry trees in bloom, but you can make the most of the winter sun and mild temperatures of the south of France to plan a gentle weekend. Mimosa is a highlight of the winter season and is celebrated as a festival. Tourists and locals mingle during typical events for an immersive trip in Provence: there’s a mass in Provencal, the Children’s carnival, folk dancing, and flower-decked processions – entertainment for all ages.

Massif du Tanneron : a marvellous surprise

I’ve just arrived in the South of France, freshly arrived from snow-covered Canada. So it isn’t difficult to imagine how excited I was to see our Antibes-Cannes region turn bright yellow in the middle of the winter. Mimosa time! And as a photographer, I immediately started to look for the best places to see mimosa in flower and I came across the Tanneron in several publications. There’s a breathtaking hike – le Panorama des Mimosas, very welcoming for families and dogs, perfect for a weekend walk to get a bunch of sun for your house. Even if there are lots of people at the weekend in February on the Panorama des Mimosas, don’t miss this enchanting time when everything is coloured the most joyful shades of yellow, with a view of the sea and Cannes.

Lily Frebourg

Discover Tanneron

On foot, by bike, or by car, the best way to discover all the beauty of this typical range is to wander along its wooded trails while you search for the most beautiful shot.

  • Walk along the paths in the Grand Duc communal forest and get an eyeful from the lookout point with a bird’s eye view of the Côte d’Azur
  • Stop off at a baker’s, prepare some good sandwiches with local produce, and have your lunch break on the picnic tables along the way
  • Get up high and see the valley with the snow-covered Alps melting into the landscape in the distance
  • Discover the hilltop village of Tanneron and then make a detour via the Lake of Saint-Cassien before crossing the big Pré-Claou bridge
  • Cycle off on itineraries where mimosa and eucalyptus accompany you on your way
  • Take the Départementale 92 for a 100% sea view escapade: in the distance, the Iles de Lérins, and the coastline with a breathtaking panoramic view
  • Go further inland, on the winding roads in the middle of a forest of oaks and mimosas

Set off to discover the Massif de Tanneron in winter and you’ll be amazed by nature in yellow and green and very often under a sunny blue sky.

Lily Frebourg

Hobby photographer

Lily was born in Ukraine, but she has spent most of her life in England and Canada. Photography is a recent passion for her and sharing beautiful places on social media is something she would like to continue. She currently lives in Biot, one of the most colourful villages on the Côte d’Azur, and adores capturing the beauty of the local architecture and nature. Lily often takes her family off on photographic adventures to learn how to get to know and fall in love with their new home.

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