Rocher de Roquebrune sur ArgensRocher de Roquebrune sur Argens
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Argens river kayak trip!

June 2021

The gentle light of dawn and promise of azure-blue skies to come… What could be a more perfect start to your day out on the Argens river?! To continue this alluring palette of moods and colours, climb aboard a kayak and get paddling to the red rocks of the Maures hills.

Published on 22 July 2021

Kayaking on the Argens river: time for your briefing

It’s here at last! Today you’ll be kayaking on the Argens river and winding your way between the flaming red rocks of the Maures hills. This invigorating activity against the backdrop of the region’s beautiful Var area promises plenty of forever memories to take back home. You can set off from Les Arcs or Roquebrune – simply choose the most practical route for your watery adventure on this coastal river and Natura 2000 protected site. On the equipment front you don’t need to worry: the hire firm provides everything you need for your trip: a kayak, paddles and a life jacket. We also recommend wearing comfy clothes, shoes you don’t mind getting wet, and an anti-UV tee and hat in case it gets very hot. And by the way, take along a spare set of clothes for your arrival in case you happen to get into a water fight… A waterproof container is also your best ally if you don’t want to get your valuables wet.

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Virée sur l'Argens avec Thibault de Travel me HappyVirée sur l'Argens avec Thibault de Travel me Happy
©Virée sur l'Argens avec Thibault de Travel me Happy

I thought I knew the region off by heart, but I’m always thrilled to find stunning new places and scenery. This time, I headed to the famous Rocher de Roquebrune rock. I really wanted to make the most of the day, so I opted for a kayaking trip on the Argens river at dawn to get a new angle on this fabulous natural site. I also had a front-row seat for the show when the sun lit up the rock, unveiling countless shades of ochre – it’s an absolute marvel.
Next, I travelled a few kilometres further on to Gorges du Blavet gorge, also boasting stunning vistas. There’s a really gorgeous view from one of the bends in the road, plus you can park there. You just have to walk for about 5 minutes to find yourself facing the gorge. Sports fans can enjoy rock climbing and hiking there too.

Kayaking, a water sport par excellence

3,2,1… Revel in the sound of water lapping gently against your kayak as you slide gently along the river. Your escapade on the Argens promises a host of different moods, from frothy rapids to peaceful meandering through verdant river banks. Energetic paddlers will definitely want to head all the way to the magnificent mouth of the river, where the Argens meets the sea. A little tip: opt for an early start so you can make the most of the delicious colours of sunrise over Rocher de Roquebrune rock – the promise of uniquely stunning pics to show off to your friends, plus you might well come across some of the local animals just waking up! Early afternoon is a great time too, when the wind begins to rise, the air is a little cooler and the river sparkles with silver tints sure to leave you starry-eyed…

Ready for a break?

Feeling peckish or fancy a dip? You’ll come across some magnificent spots for relaxing during your kayaking adventure on the Argens river. The banks of the Base de Loisirs leisure centre in Les Arcs are lined with veteran plane trees offering restful shade and a very tempting stop-off even before you get going! The panoramic views from little Noirel lake are also well worth going out of your way for, not to mention the vistas from Barrage de Beal dam. Pause awhile to admire the majestic herons and swans adorning this unique location in the Maures hills. And of course, you’ll definitely want to enjoy a dip in the river or a water fight to let off steam as soon as you get the chance.

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