Ruines du Fort De BuouxRuines du Fort De Buoux
©Ruines du Fort De Buoux |Teddy Verneuil
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A walk to the Fort of Buoux

Octobre 2021

In the Luberon in the Vaucluse, in the heart of Provence, it’s impossible not to be charmed by the remains of this 17th-century medieval village. Built on a rocky outcrop, it was designed to protect the inhabitants of the former village. Standing between land and sky on the pinnacle of a steep cliff, the Fort de Buoux has loads of secrets just waiting to be discovered!

Published on 22 December 2021

Walking around the Fort of Buoux

When you venture into the Luberon Natural Regional Park and its cedar forests, head for the imposing Fort of Buoux. In the heart of this former citadel perched on top of the cliffs, you’ll be fascinated by the old stones which symbolise the history of the building. Admire the remains of Buoux, its Romanesque church, its stone houses and its castle which dates back to the middle ages and was once a refuge for knights and soldiers. The famous offensive ramparts which have come through the centuries bear witness to this. When you’ve climbed the stairway carved into the cliffside, you’ll get a panoramic view over the Vallon de l’Aiguebrun and the Grand Luberon which is perfect for great photos. The cliffs of the medieval village are currently very popular with those who love climbing in the open air: a promising different kind of show!

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Teddy VerneuilPhotographer
Fort De Buoux Coup Coeur Insta Teddy Verneuil (3)Fort De Buoux Coup Coeur Insta Teddy Verneuil (3)
©Fort De Buoux Coup Coeur Insta Teddy Verneuil (3)

The fort and me
The Fort of Buoux is one of those places where time has stood still and where the Provencal landscapes show their character. In this former fort, I felt as if I had plunged into Provencal nature, and I got an incredible view of the cliffs of Buoux and the surrounding area. You need to do a short climb under the remarkable cliffs to reach the fort. It’s relatively easy to access but a good pair of shoes will help you to make the most of the place.

Getting the best of the fort
When you are on top of the rock, I recommend visiting the remains to discover the history of this place which is a real must. As I stood beside the ruins, the site inspired tranquillity. You only have to stop on top of the rock and contemplate the lights which embrace the hills of Provence to understand and appreciate the 360° panorama. It’s always a delight to be able to link nature and heritage in this fort filled with stories and legends. It’s impossible not to give in to the charm of this Provencal citadel which was inhabited and fortified from Prehistory to the 17th century. To get the best of the place, I recommend exploring the remains during the Indian summer to get the most beautiful light.

Freewheel for a day around the Luberon!

From Buoux there are several possibilities open to you for visiting the Luberon fully and in a different way. First of all, take a relatively easy day pedalling away on a Sun-e-Bike, a way of making the outing more fun and more agreeable! You’re ready for an electric bike ride around the Luberon following in the footsteps of Picasso and Nicolas de Staël through the village of Ménerbes. Further on, the Venise Comtadine du Vaucluse, the capital of fleamarkets, will arouse the curiosity of bargain-hunters and collectors. Stop off to see the antique dealers in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, you’re sure to make some exceptional finds. For those who are both athletic and food-lovers, you can try a day’s bike ride in the Luberon to visit the Musée de l’huile d’olive and taste Luberon wines. This made-to-measure bike circuit takes you through Ansouis, one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France” and its pretty medieval houses. And then you can cycle off to the former ochre quarries on the Sentier des Ocres de Roussillon which offers a unique view over what is known as the Far West of the Luberon.

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Star-filled discoveries in the Luberon

For a hike under the stars, try Les Chemins de Pierre, a hike around the Mont Ventoux, with an expert on mountains who knows everything there is to know about her region’s wildlife. By day or by night, each immersive hike has its own theme. The perfect opportunity to listen to the deer roaring in the forest and discover the forest environment in autumn in the Ventoux in the areas where stags and does get together to choose their mating partners. From environment to ornithology and heritage and snowshoeing in winter, there’s something to suit all tastes! And lastly, because you need more than a day to see all the landscapes of the Luberon, the Château de l’Environnement à Buoux invites cyclists and sports enthusiasts to spend a peaceful and comfortable night before continuing their superb expedition the next day.

Fort De BuouxFort De Buoux
©Fort De Buoux
Teddy Verneuil

My name’s Teddy Verneuil, alias @lezbroz on Instagram. I’m a photograper and I’ve been specialised in the field of tourism and Outdoor for several years. I love wandering all over France and the world to capture beautiful lights and landscapes. I love wide, open spaces, discovering and roaming the  French heritage in search of stories and the authentic.

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