Old town of Grasse, town in Provence famous for its perfume industry, FranceOld town of Grasse, town in Provence famous for its perfume industry, France
©Old town of Grasse, town in Provence famous for its perfume industry, France|Fyle - stock.adobe.com
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Visit Grasse, the jewel of the Côte d’Azur!

August 2021

The Pays de Grasse is well-known for its bewitching perfumes. But the sensory experience doesn’t end when you visit the Côte d’Azur. Floral bouquets, shades of colours and fiery sunsets… Grasse reveals its charm to those who appreciate it with all their senses!

Published on 22 September 2021

Perfume of Grasse, a sensory evidence

Visit Grasse and awaken your senses. In the middle of the town, pink umbrellas dance against a sky blue background, a mix of pop art and impressionism and well worth it. A mosaic of colours also awaits you at the Musée Provençal du Costume et du Bijou. You’re more roses than jasmine? Flowers also give a touch of colour… and scents. The Exporose that adorns the fountains and little squares in the spring, and even the Fête du Jasmin in August are some of the region’s essential events. You can also discover the world and the savoir-faire of the Perfumes of Grasse which are listed in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity through the emblematic perfumeries such as Fragonard, Galimard or Molinard in Grasse, or in the Musée International de la Parfumerie. So, are you ready to have fun with the perfumer’s palette?


Christophe BrunPhotographe
Centre historique de Grasse sous des parapluies rosesCentre historique de Grasse sous des parapluies roses
©Centre historique de Grasse sous des parapluies roses

For me, Grasse will always be an invitation to the mountains that look down over it and a magnificent balcony over the deep blue of the sea with its plunging view of the Bay of Cannes. Surrounded by this natural geological wealth, it’s easy to forget to stop off in Grasse and its centre. And nevertheless, with my amateur photographer’s eye, I am always lured back towards this historic centre where I am rewarded by streets with tall, colourful facades where the evening light makes its entrance, large and small squares where I can see the passers-by with their eyes riveted on the sky, wondering at the pink umbrellas and their shadows projected on the paving stones, or for those more adventurous visitors who wander around the many alley-ways which make up the town. And lastly, when you think you’ve had your fill of the sights, you’re invited to discover the scents of flowers and perfumes of which Grasse holds the secret as the capital of perfumery. So you’ll understand only too well that, for me, Grasse is a town which will delight your senses in the gentle warmth which characterizes the towns of the south of France so well.

Des conseils sur les spots à ne pas manquer ?
I recommend a day’s outing where you will discover a variety of landscapes. Starting in the morning with a walk along the Canal de Siagne, you’ll discover a place of absolute tranquillity with a succession of little bridges belonging to the private properties which make it look like a little Venice. Next, head for the historic centre of Grasse for a lunch break on the Place aux Aires. Take a walk around the many alley-ways and stop off for a visit to one of the many local perfumeries. For the more athletic among you, walk as far as the civil aviation radar from the paraglider landing area and your reward will be a breathtaking panorama over the whole of the Cote d’Azur. Gourdon will be your last stop where you can quench your thirst and have a crêpe in a little village where the bird’s eye view has earned it the nickname of Eagle’s nest.

The Pays de Grasse in nature mode

Discover the nature of the Pays de Grasse on walks which are both esthetic and scented. Located at the gateway to the Parc naturel régional des Préalpes d’Azur, there are several walking or cycling itineraries on which you can roam the country around Grasse . Take the former railway track beside the Mediterranean, along the canal and the banks of the River Siagne or walk in the cool Forêt de Peygros. You’ll love the superb route around the Gorges de la Siagne and the transparent waters of its wild river, and even the Route Napoléon or the Route du Mimosa with Grasse as its last stage. We recommend you take this route in January and March when the little yellow flower is at its magnificent best.


A day in the Pays de Grasse

Early in the morning, it’s garden time : several places filled with elegance and serenity open their doors to you in the Pays de Grasse. The Domaine Saint-Jacques du Couloubrier, with its 8 hectares of rose-garden, bee-forage prairies and a monumental rockery is a pretty journey through olive groves, cypresses and exotic plants. In the hottest hours of the day, head for the Grotte de Baume Obscure, a cave carved out of the limestone rock by the water. A magical show full of sound and light and a delight for all ages. The extra: “treasure hunt” visits where you’ll come across some fantastic characters. When “Golden Hour” draws near, choose your view . The Pays de Grasse is in an exceptional location between the sea and the mountains. By the sea, discover the view from the Jardins de la Princesse Pauline. And as for the mountains, it’s a real wow from the top of the La Moulière chairlift!


Christophe Brun de cbrun_photographyChristophe Brun de cbrun_photography
©Christophe Brun de cbrun_photography

I discovered photography on my many trips to Asia when I was studying science. When I came back to Europe, I continued to perfect my eye and my techniques during my different trips. I’ve lived in Grasse for 5 years and I try to share the photographic discoveries I made on my different escapades with as many people as possible.

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