Must-See Spring Exhibitions

Cinema and contemporary art lovers will be spoilt for choice this Spring, with a host of arty experiences in store in the South of France. Dive into the wings of the Victorine studio in Nice, measure the power of Dubuffet at the Mucem, or (re)discover the Fondation Maeght and treasures of the Guggenheim.

A Movie Odyssey:

100th anniversary of the Victorine studio


This year, the Côte d’Azur’s capital is paying tribute to the world-famed Victorine studio, built in 1919. At the time, it was one of France’s foremost film studios. Many silent movies were shot there in the early Thirties, before the studio was wired for sound. From May to September, a series of exhibitions throughout Nice will be retracing the story of this mythical location (Musée Masséna, Musée Matisse, Mamac and Musée de la Photographie Charles Nègre).

May to September 2019

Jean Dubuffet

“A Barbarian in Europe”

Mucem – Marseille

A painter, sculptor and major player on the 20th century art scene, Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) embraced so-called “Low Art” – a movement that eschewed traditional standards of beauty in favour of a more authentic and humanistic approach to image-making. His works were largely inspired by paintings and sculptures created by non-conformists and the mentally ill. Jean Dubuffet’s “A Barbarian in Europe” exhibition at the Mucem museum features 290 works and objects from France and Europe’s largest collections.

April 30th to September 2nd, 2019

The Spirit of a Collection:


Fondation Maeght – Saint-Paul-de-Vence

Founded in 1964 by patrons and fervent contemporary art lovers Marguerite and Aimé Maeght, the Fondation Maeght is currently presenting a new layout of works from the couple’s magnificent collection. Compiled over the years, mainly thanks to donations from artists, friends and foundation devotees, this extraordinarily rich and diverse collection features works by such major 20th-century artists as Georges Braque, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall, Eduardo Chillida, Fernand Léger and Joan Miró.

Until June 16th, 2019

Guggenheim Masterpieces

From Manet to Picasso – Thannhauser Collection

Hôtel de Caumont – Aix-en-Provence

With its impressive line-up of works by Edouard Manet, Paul Cézanne, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Degas and Pablo Picasso (Le Moulin de la Galette, 1900) this exciting exhibition showcases the Guggenheim collection of Heinrich Thannhauser (1859-1935) and Justin K. Thannhauser (1892-1976) for the first time in France. Impassioned by the French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, Italian futurists and contemporary German artists, the father and son duo, friends and advocates of avant-garde artists, directed the Moderne Galerie founded in Munich in 1909.

May 1st to September 30th, 2019