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Danse Hip-Hop : Queen Blood

Entertainment/recreation, Dance, Hip-hop in Sainte-Maxime
  • A key figure on the hip-hop scene, a reference in house dance and a true international ambassador for French Touch, choreographer Ousmane Sy continues his exploration of female gestures and energies. Her Wonder Women of hip-hop take the fast and muscular codes of male dance techniques to better free themselves from them and exalt their femininity. For the sake of rhythm, virtuosity and good humor!

    It is not so common in hip-hop to be able to present a 100% female crew. In 2012, Ousmane Sy created the band Paradox-sal. The uniqueness of this group of young dancers comes from the mixture of cultures and styles of dance. They are the perfect mastery of afro house spirit, a bridge between modernity and tradition in music and dance. With them, he created Fighting Spirit in 2014, Bounce in 2015 and today, Queen Blood and its women’s power concentrate. With seven girls on stage, all exceptional dancers and battle champions, the choreography is based on both their virtuosity and their own identities. Queen Blood invites dancers to shake up their technical skills, to question their relationship to gesture and performance in order to make palpable what the notion of femininity means to them. With a strong choreography, Ousmane Sy creates a new kind of hip-hop ballet in which the ball body highlights its stars and the personal gestures of each of them (hip-hop, dancehall, locking, popping, krump...). Built from the paths and experiences of every femininity in motion, Queen Blood is an intimate and vibrant concentrate that immerses its roots in the popular and is actualized in the present.

  • Spoken languages
    • French
  • On April 29, 2023 at 8:30 PM