Fontaine Erasme Guichet

Historic site and monument, Historic patrimony, Fountain, 20th C in Châteauneuf-les-Martigues

  • Since 1911, the statue of Erasmus Guichet has dominated the fountain which was dedicated to him in order to pay homage to him, for all he has contributed to the city of Château-Neuf les-Martigues, particularly in the field of the distribution of 'water, and electricity.

  • Sculptor: Clément Clastrier.
    The rear face bears the following inscriptions: "This monument was erected by public subscription, in memory of our friend and fellow citizen E. Guichet, general counselor, director of the Montperrin asylum, cowardly murdered on September 21, 1910, in the 'exercise of its functions, under the municipality Gamaud C .. "
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