Journées Européennes du Patrimoine : Pierrefeu en poésie

Journées Européennes du Patrimoine - Promenade Terre et Eau

Cultural, Poetry, Street theatre in Pierrefeu-du-Var

  • Appointment in front of the Saint-Jacques-Le-Majeur church at 10:45 am on Sunday 20 September 2020, for a poetic stroll to the chapel, accompanied by readings of poems by Marie-Louise Simion,by Téou théâtre

  • Reading of poems by Thierry Belnet for Téou Théâtre followed by the inauguration and blessing of the Chapel of St Croix by the parish priest. Refreshments offered by the municipality on the square in front of the chapel. Visit of the chapel by the association Petra Foco and visit of the house of Provençal arts and traditions by the association Leï Roucas Dou Barri.
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  • On September 20, 2021 from 10:45 AM to 5:30 PM
    * Visite de la chapelle 10:00-12:00/14:00-17:30 Visite de la maison des arts et traditions provençales de 14:00 à 17:00
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