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FIQ ! Réveille toi

New circus: FIQ ! [Réveille-toi !]

Cultural, Circus in Sainte-Maxime
  • There are fourteen of them. Quartorze personalities high in color from various acrobatic universes: traditional range, dance, breakdance, taekwondo and even footfreestyle. They speak Arabic, French, English, Spanish, but especially the borderless language of physical prowess. One hundred percent vitamin, Fiq! sounds like a happy injunction to be carried by a surge of soaring acrobatics!

    The Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger questions the memory of a centuries-old folk art. Human pyramids, wheels, jumps, these voltigeurs weave links between tradition and contemporary creation. For their new creation, fourteen young artists, women and men from different disciplines, were chosen, after a great hearing, for their talent, their dynamism, their energy, their personality and their ability to share all these assets on stage.

    They offer us an exalted collection of acrobatics, figures, thoughts, colors, music, ideas, sketches, slides, races, stools, faces, slippers, choreographies, tricks on the head, caps, concepts, quotes, sms, among other virtuosities. Their acrobatics are worn by the famous Moroccan old-school DJ: Dj Key. They are dressed and surrounded by the visual universe of photographer Hassan Hajjaj, the North African Andy Warhol.

    The whole thing is staged by the circograph Maroussia Diaz Verbèke, poet-funambule who baroude on the stages of the whole world since his escape from the National Center of Circus Arts. Blending with incredible vitality the popular and urban culture with the ancestral art of the circus, Le Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger manufactures a show that resembles it: luminous, composite, and resolutely positive!

    Tanger Acrobatic Group

  • Spoken languages
    • French
  • Rates
    Full price: 9 to 18 €.