marineland antibes

Marineland Antibes

Unique in France, the Marineland of Antibes is an animal park dedicated to marine animals. Killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, sharks, rays, turtles, but also birds and animals accustomed to aquatic environments such as penguins or polar bears evolve here. The park is renowned for its shows and performances, educational activities and animations, not to mention its immersive experiences.

Animals in the park

Dolphins are certainly the visitors’ favorite animal. These marine mammals are playful and close to humans and live naturally in groups. Orcas and killer whales are fearsome predators of impressive size. Indeed, these marine mammals can reach 6 to 8 meters, for 5 to 8 tons. California and Patagonian sea lions are excellent swimmers but also very agile on land. They live in groups and enjoy playing games, which are part of their learning process. Harbor seals are more solitary, but they are still excellent playmates and show great intelligence.

Alongside these stars, who put on a show every day, Marineland welcomes other boarders. Polar bears, the largest land carnivores, impress visitors, who will also shiver in front of the aquarium, which is home to various species of sharks (grey shark, sand tiger shark, brownbanded bamboo shark), eagle rays and leopard rays. The aquariums are also home to many species of multicolored tropical fish. Several species of penguins (southern rockhopper penguin, Humboldt penguin, king penguin), and American flamingos are also visible.


Shows and performances have made the success of Marineland.

Every day, the dolphins demonstrate their agility and grace in the company of their keepers in an unforgettable show. The teams of trainers highlight the natural behavior of the dolphins, to the delight of the spectators.

Killer whales offer visitors to the park a glimpse of their behavior in the wild. A relationship of mutual respect is established with these majestic animals that demonstrate great intelligence. The grace and strength of the killer whales impress the spectators.

The seals and sea lions, with their facetious nature, multiply their tricks and acrobatics by reproducing natural behaviors, and game or predation scenes they perform in the wild.

Meet some animals

You can get up close and personal with your favorite animals at Marineland. Dolphin encounters are particularly popular with visitors, who can get up close and personal with dolphins, interact and play with them. The “Dolphin Trainer” experience allows you to learn even more about these incredible animals in the company of the keepers, for magical moments that can be shared with the whole family. The encounters with sea lions also appeal to many visitors, who can discover these particularly endearing animals.

Thrill seekers will also be thrilled at Marineland. Encounters with killer whales allow visitors to get up close and personal with the kings of the oceans in the safest possible conditions. Encounters with sharks immerse you in the shark aquarium, allow you to try scuba diving and enjoy an experience rich in thrills.

Fun and educational experiences

The different areas of the park offer many experiences to live as a couple, with family or with a group of friends. The sharks tunnel, for example, allows you to walk along a glass gallery among the sharks.

In the auditorium located under the killer whale basin, Cinéma Adventure 5D, a dynamic and totally immersive projection that plunges you into the world of marine animals, awaits you.

Educational activities, carried out throughout the day around the different pools, offer visitors fun experiences that raise their awareness of the way of life and the preservation of different species of fish and marine animals.

The care provided by the teams of caretakers and the layout of the ponds offer a favorable environment for reproduction. Sea lions, dolphins, sharks and polar bears are regularly born in the park, to the delight of visitors.

Stores and restaurants

Several restaurants welcome you to Marineland. You can have lunch or dinner at the Red d’Hippo restaurant, Neptune Grill, Atlantis, Marina Bay or Trattoria Le Capri. A Subway and snack bar welcomes you for a meal on the go: discover the sandwiches, quiches and sweet delights of the Calypso Café, the hotdogs of the Nautilus or the Manhattan Hotdog, and the ice creams of O’Délices or O’Polaire. Picnic areas also await you outside the park.

Several stores cuddly toys, clothing, toys and gifts for children and adults, so that everyone can bring back a souvenir of this unforgettable day.

Other amusement parks

The Marineland site hosts other theme parks for the whole family.

Aquasplash is a water park with many attractions for the whole family, children and adults alike. The wave pool, the slides and tubing activities will guarantee thrills and moments of relaxation and conviviality. Aquasplash is only open in June, July and August.

Kid’s Island is a paradise for children. This small zoo is home to many animals, birds and mammals. Donkeys, jacks, ducks, goats, pigs, llamas, pheasants, rabbits, will delight the little ones… But also, their parents! Kid’s Island also hosts various playgrounds and pony rides.

Lagoon is the private beach of the Marineland Park. Visitors can enjoy the So Lagoon restaurant, the deckchairs, and the swimming pool next to a pool where dolphins play and romp around. You will be able to swim alongside them, separated from the cetaceans only by a glass window.

Adventure Golf offers three miniature golf courses with evocative names, which plunge you into the fantastic world of Jules Verne. L’île mystérieuse (The Mysterious Island) will take you to the lighthouse at the end of the world. Cinq semaines en ballon (Five Weeks in a Balloon) will take you to discover the giant hot-air balloon, while overcoming the obstacles of the Voyage au centre de la Terre (Journey to the Center of the Earth) you will reach the Golden Volcano.

Things to see / do in the area

Marineland is located in Antibes, a tourist town on the French Riviera. The water of the Mediterranean Sea feeds the basins of the park. You will be able to enjoy the many beaches and water activities of the various seaside resorts, visit the nearby towns of Nice or Cannes, or explore the hinterland of Nice and the valleys of the Préalpes d’Azur. You will find many quality accommodations nearby and can stay in hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals or even in a campsite.

Informations pratiques

  • Temps de visite : une journée est nécessaire pour découvrir le parc et assister aux derniers spectacles
  • Jours d’ouverture : le parc est ouvert de début février à début janvier. Vous pouvez consulter les jours d’ouverture sur le site.
  • Horaires : le parc ouvre à 10h00 et ferme entre 17h00 et 22h00 en fonction de la saison (horaires disponibles sur le site)
  • Adresse : 306 avenue Mozart, 06600 Antibes, France
  • Accès depuis Marseille : emprunter les autoroutes A7, A51 et A8 (E80) en direction de Nice, prendre la sortie 46 (Villeneuve-Loubet – Plage)
  • Accès depuis Nice : emprunter l’autoroute A8 (E80 puis l’autoroute A8 en direction de Marseille, prendre la sortie 47 (Villeneuve-Loubet)
  • Accessibilité : location de fauteuils roulants sur place
  • Hébergement : vous pouvez séjourner à l’hôtel Marineland avec piscine, situé à 350 mètres à peine de l’entrée du parc.
  • Services : achat de votre billet en ligne, parking (payant), location de poussettes
  • Site Internet: