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Southern Alps honey

Astonishing and irresistible!

Honey makers in the French Southern Alps enjoy a magnificent natural environment and great raw material nurtured by passionate beekeepers… They all have their own magic methods of transforming this sugary nectar instilled with fragrant, woody and fruity notes into pots of honey overflowing with mountain flavours.

Beekeepers flying the flag of diversity

Unveiling the character and quality of a terroir

Located in Sospel, at the gateway to Parc national du Mercantour, the Lavoriero family produces truly exceptional honeys. Triple winners of the Prix d’Excellence and distinguished no less than 43 times at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris, Les Ruchers des Oliviers is home to 500 hives producing 10 different sorts of honey, including forest wildflower… La Miellerie de Tende is a proud holder of the AB organic label and its bees thrive in virgin mountainscapes. Their Infuse range offers delicious blends of aromas such as rosemary and lemon, or cinnamon and star anise. Last but not least, fervent bee fan Jean-Louis Lautard produces delicious honey in the village of Tignet. His sustainably-produced harvest comes from over 800 bee colonies and promises flawless traceability. Good news for gourmets – you’ll have to taste them all to choose your favourite: will it be white heather or herby Estérel maquis?

High mountain nectars

Taste the authenticity

Let’s head to the Alpes de Haute Provence and Les Ruchers de l’Ubaye in Jausiers. Expert beekeeper Jonas Kluge captures classic and rarer tastes alike in his little pots. Gold-tinted lavender honey is one of his must-haves, but the bee transhumance, when the colonies are moved from the mountains to the lavender fields, creates the most unexpected blends of flavours. Smooth, creamy and local – you’re sure to go home with a full hamper! In Seyne, the market stalls are laden with organic honeys from hives pampered by Miel Adam. After a winter spent between the Var and Bouches-du-Rhône areas, the bees head back to the mountains, their hives loaded with Herbes de Provence nectar… All the riches of the South in a pot.

Pure gourmet honeys

The fruit of a preserved environment

For 3 generations, the bees of the Miellerie de Serre-Chevalier have spent their summers buzzing among the beautiful flowers of the Hautes-Alpes, at the foot of Col du Lautaret. Succumb to the temptation of their larch honey and delicious nougats made on site in this wild, mountainous setting. Located in the Haut Champsaur area, the Miellerie Challet stands amid flowering meadows. Everything here is home-made: treat yourself to a taste of rare rhododendron honey: its pale colour and floral and woody bouquet are reminiscent of acacia honey. Stock up on a few pots before your leave – you won’t find it again in a hurry! Wind your tour up in style with a visit to Luc Marchand, an expert in high mountain and dandelion honey. Every year, when spring comes around, you can enjoy chatting with him about his passion for bees at Orcières market.