Say cheese!

All the character and flavour of the mountains packed in a single cheese… That’s the promise of the Southern Alps’ farmers, dairies and local producers. The fruit of age-old traditions, know-how and a profound respect for the environment, welcome to a unique world of flavours and 100% local produce to savour!

Short circuits and fruity aromas!

Delicious, eco-friendly and traditional: a winning trio

In Bouyon, La Fromagerie de la Chèvre Blanche, a member of the Bienvenue à la Ferme network, is run by goat and pig farmers Jean and his son Mathieu. Committed to short circuits, they pride in their hand-crafted goat cheeses, yoghurts and flavoured specialities straight from the farm. Meanwhile, four farmers and a cheesemaker have got together at La Fromagerie du Champsaur to offer a range of fresh and delicious local produce ranging from novel creations to very typical Alpine goodies such as « Goustarou » and « Taillon » cheeses. Simply irresistible! Last but not least, La Fromagerie de Montbardon in the Queyras area is a family affair handed down from father to son. Its fruity tommes and traditional blue cheeses promise to please even the most demanding connoisseur…

The old recipes are the best recipes!

Set at the crossroads of the valleys of Queyras and Briançon, La Fromagerie de la Durance is the perfect pick for lovers of ravishing raclettes and fabulous fondues… Specialized in artisan cheese made with raw cow, ewe or goat milk, their guided tours offer a fascinating insight into the secrets of cheesemaking. What’s more, you can nibble their wares as your stroll around the dairy… After all, it’s never too early for cheese! In Isola 2000, don’t miss La Vacherie du Chastillon, a family-owned dairy that has remained faithful to Piedmont cheesemaking traditions. Deeply committed to preserving the natural ecosystem, they consider the alchemy between the natural environment and their Montbeliard cows as the magic recipe behind their incredible variety of cheeses: Tomme, Taleggio, Rigatello and Reblochon d’Isola to name but a few – not to mention yoghurts and old-fashioned curd cheese moulded with a ladle!

Dairy cooperatives with an eye on the big picture!

More producers, more flavours

Eleven farms have joined forces at La Fromagerie de l’Ubaye to offer a vast range of yoghurts, curd cheese (faisselle), Ubaye tomme, carline, raclette and even tomme flavoured with génépi liqueur if you fancy something defiantly different! The cooperative has two outlets: one in Barcelonnette and one in La Bréole. In Beauvezer, La Maison de Produits de Pays des Alpes du Verdon is a ground-breaking alliance of farmers and artisans from the valley working hand in hand with artists to offer visitors a genuine voyage into Alpine flavours, ancient know-how and local cultural treasures. La Maison des Produits de Pays in Jausiers was set up by 50 local producers and offers a succulent spread of local gourmet goodies such as the famous Ubaye tomme cheese, perfect served with génépi jam or sea buckthorn jelly…

A passion to share

Life on the farm

Set in Queyras Regional Natures Reserve, La Fromagerie du Château Queyras is an ode to the perfumes and tastes of mountain pastures. Bleu du Queyras is their top speciality but we’re mad about their Viso and Estoilie raclette cheeses too. Foodies and curiosity-seekers will also love their environmental and culinary workshops. Next, head to La Chèvrerie du bois d’Amon to discover exceptional goat cheeses bursting with flavour… After a casual tour of the farm, you can savour a range of cheeses flavoured with rose petals, mustard and Indian spices courtesy of friendly owners Edith and Pascal. Last but not least, Saveur Caprine in Breil sur Roya – a member of the Bienvenue à la Ferme network – specializes in goat cheese perfumed with herbs, pepper and even lavender. There are plenty more surprises in store too, such as their fun « yoga farmer » classes. And if you’re hosting a special event during your stay, they’ll be happy to bring their farm to your door!