A wellbeing weekend in the Southern Alps

Nestling in the hollows of the mountains, the Southern Alps’ wellbeing centres lead us on a timeless voyage to the heart of wide-open spaces… Relaxation and massages, spas and thermal cures abound in this uniquely beautiful setting. Time to get back on top of the world!

Published on 15 July 2020

Unwind in Berthemont-Les-Bains

A spa town at the gateway to Mercantour National Park

Say goodbye to the stresses and strains of daily life at the ValVital spa centre – the perfect place for resting and treating yourself to a little pampering. Perched at an altitude of 960 metres, breathe in the pure mountain air and appreciate the body and mind-healing properties of crystalline waters. The centre’s professional therapists cater to your every need with a tempting choice of packages – just take your pick! Relax in a whirlpool bath or sauna, revel in a mud body wrap and regenerate your body with an aqua gym class or stimulating spa treatment. Overflowing with local flora and fauna, the stunning natural environment of the Mercantour is also home to many hiking trails and delightful café-restaurants gazing out over the mountain peaks, serving excellent local fare.

Recharge your batteries in Dévoluy

A soothing sensory experience in the Hautes-Alpes

What could be more delicious than floating in a little cocoon at Odycea in Dévoluy? The establishment’s airy architecture is in perfect harmony with the mountain decor of the Hautes-Alpes. The spa itinerary takes you on an unforgettable sensory experience, with various baths and musical moods to help you unwind and release tension. In this timeless bubble, prolong the pleasure with a bath at 38° or pampering session at the Spa with a choice of solo or duo massages: oriental, draining, body polishes, tropical flower face treatments and lifting or plumping treatments. An art mastered to perfection by the staff… From ancient Japanese to modern techniques, everything here is steeped in serenity and wellbeing. To wind up your spa experience, how about a picnic in the heart of the exceptional natural landscapes of Dévoluy?

Rediscovering serenity at Pra Loup

Ultimate relaxation at the summit of Ubaye

The three-star Hôtel Marmotel & Spa in Pra Loup invites you to revel in a privileged wellbeing experience at a top-of-the-range establishment blending perfectly into the Alpine environment and mountain peaks. Wide bay windows flood this chic and intimate spa with magnificent natural light. Head to the jacuzzi, Nordic bath, sauna or steam room, then let the exquisitely serene atmosphere of the relaxation areas carry you away on a wave of gentleness… Alternate your spa treatments with an invigorating plunge into the wild Ubaye river, before treating yourself to a delicious nap on the river bank. You’ll also enjoy discovering the cosmetic properties of mountain plants and in particular edelweiss thanks to the Pure Altitude brand. An emblem of the Alps, you’ll find its stunning silvery flowers adorning the local hiking trails…

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