Giddy up!

Riding into the sunset at the Queyras Regional Nature Reserve

Just imagine exploring Queyras Valley, its mountain passes, crystalline lakes, wild trails and forest roads with a faithful hooved companion… This gorgeous area offers a host of one-day horse or donkey treks and trail rides criss-crossing wild mountain landscapes in the company of passionate, professional instructors. Giddy up!

In the valleys of Ceillac and Ubaye

Tailored treks and palpitating panoramas

Let’s head to the wide open spaces of Queyras and the Centre Equestre de Ceillac riding centre – a Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional establishment. The centre hosts tailored, eco-friendly treks throughout the year, overflowing with wild and astonishing encounters. On the programme: an equestrian adventure in the company of Arlène Buzet, with Col Fromage at over 2,300 metres or the mythical Col Giradin at 2,999 metres, boasting breathtaking views over the Ubaye area and Vallée de Ceillac. Your kids will love being led on a pony and can also enjoy beginners’ lessons. There’s plenty to do when winter comes around too, including pony sledding for little ones while mum and dad enjoy a spot of ski-joering and let their horse do the hard work. You can even opt for horse-drawn roller skating – our personal fave!

Trotting around La Roche-des-Arnauds

A taste of freedom with a faithful companion

Saddle up at Les Sabots de Vénus for an equestrian odyssey through stunning mountain passes perched at 3,000 metres, trails lined with marmots and azure-blue lakes… Queyras invites you to enjoy a plethora of mountain adventures in the capable hands of passionate horse lovers who know the area like the back of their hand. Deeply committed to environmental conservation, their horses are raised in semi-liberty and fed with « home-grown » fodder. Numerous bridle paths depart from the centre so you can explore these virgin landscapes according to your level and schedule. Seasoned riders can opt for the 7-day Queyras tour for a fabulous horseback adventure in the Southern Alps.

Donkey business in Saint-Véran !

An escapade in Queyras

Hop over to Saint-Véran for a resolutely novel hiking experience in the company of a donkey – a fabulous way to visit Europe’s highest village, set overhanging the mountainscapes below, and many other local sights. The Queyr’âne donkey centre leads you on a tour of the grand canal, Claussis chapel and refuge de la Blanche, where you’ll spend the night. On the way back, you’ll cross Saint-Véran, home to astonishing ancient wood fountains and sun dials. Lap up the views over Mont Viso and Italy while the donkeys enjoy grazing on luscious Alpine grass. You can also opt for the « Aigue Blanche to Aigue Agnelle » tour or « 2 countries, 2 counties » tour taking you right over the border into Italy!

Grand tour of Queyras

 A family week with a pack donkey

If you’re looking for a guaranteed fabulous week with all the family, opt for a week-long tour of Queyras – one of the jewels of the Hautes-Alpes – in the company of a pack donkey. Aided and abetted by a qualified guide and your adorable furry friend, you’ll love roaming the local hiking trails and stargazing from the comfort of your refuge or tent. The week promises a plethora of fun activities too, such as an afternoon treetop adventure at the Parc des Amoureux, a trip to the stunning Lac de Blanche lake where marmots caper, and tour of the impressive Tête des Toillies mountain. The surprises simply never stop! The route also features incredible panoramic viewpoints over the Massif des Écrins, Mont Viso and the lakes of the Haute-Vallée du Guil, so make sure you take your camera along. Treat your family to a heart-warming nature holiday in Queyras – you’re sure to take lifelong memories back home with you!