Massif de la MeijeMassif de la Meije
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La Grave-La Meije, a mythical summit

Not far from Serre-Chevalier, to the north of the Barre des Ecrins, the summit of La Grave-La Meije is something everyone finds fabulous. Famous skiing runs, a number of hiking trails and unusual adventures in the ice caves, La Grave-La Meije is just brimming over with activities for all mountain lovers.

La Grave- La Meije, who are you?

A unique summit

Heaven for skiers and hikers, the exceptional natural area of La Grave-la Meije welcomes you in the Massif des Écrins. Take to the heights and enjoy the panoramic view at the top from an altitude of 3,983 metres. Located just a stone’s throw from the charming village of La Grave, there are several activities to choose from. Those who love skiing and thrills will find all they need in the valleys around La Grave-la Meije. And for even more thrills, try a mountaineering outing or an off-piste skiing session with the famous Glaciers de la Meije cable car (respecting safety conditions, of course).


The mountains for all

Beginner or seasoned mountaineer?

The mountains are generous and welcome you with open arms, whatever your level. Take the Glaciers de la Meije cable car, touch the peaks and enjoy the incredible view over the valleys. From beginner level to extreme difficulty, you’ll be sure to find a route to suit your level and your wishes. For the more intrepid, head for the North faces, but the itinerary Enfetchore is nevertheless accessible to all to reach Brèche de la Meije and the Refuge du Promontoire. After this adrenalin rush, you’ll appreciate a picnic break in the grass beside the Lac du Puy Vachier, or even a dizzyingly high meal in the panoramic restaurant perched at 3,200 metres. In winter, let yourself be tempted by an ice-fall climb with the Bureau des Guides de la Grave : perfect spots for an introduction to the sport, understanding the equipment and perfecting one’s style!


Discovering the glaciers

Get up high to see the peaks

Seracs, crevasses, hanging glaciers … these wonders of nature are to be found near the mythical summit of La Grave-La Meije, and you’d better believe it, they’re well worth the effort! Take the trail from the little lake which goes to Brèche Pacave and the Vallons de la Meije to get a good view of the glaciers . A bit higher up, just next to the peaks of La Meije, you’ll have a wonderful view of the crevasses and seracs. Cast your gaze over the horizon where the majestic summits are silhouetted against the sky. From the Mont Blanc to the Grandes Jorasses, the Vanoise and Mont Thabor, you’re sure to get your fill of beauty. Our top 3 climbs: Col des Ruillans at 3,211 metres, Pic du Mas de La Grave at 3,667 metres and even a bit higher the summit of Râteau Ouest at 3,769 metres.

Exploring an ice-cave in summer

An adventure in the depths of the mountain

Have you ever seen an ice-cave? Head for the Glacier de la Girose and the Glacier du Mont de Lans which together make up the biggest ice cap in France over an area of more than 6 km. Take a guided tour of this exceptional ice-cave. On the menu: a walk on the glacier in the morning and exploring an ice-cave in the afternoon. Other outings are offered such as discovering the glacier with a mountain guide who will take you to the best spots to see crevasses and seracs. And to make it all last just that bit longer, do an ice hike to Col de la Lauze, a perfect opportunity for learning the basics of glacier walking.


Paradise for skiers in winter

You’re free to slide!

The vast ski area of La Grave-La Meije is a dream place for both beginners and seasoned skiers. Forget the runs and try freeride skiing! From the top of the La Girose ski lift at 3,600 metres and the river below at 1,450 metres, each descent is a new adventure and each break a moment of wonder. The mountains are in their natural state, here there are no groomed, secure runs, just follow the well-marked itineraries. And thanks to the cable car, you can be at the top in just 30 minutes. One of the most prestigious decents in Europe is to be found in the ski area, with a non-stop elevation of 2,150 metres.