The Four Seasons of Paragliding

Discover the best paragliding hotspots in the four corners of the Southern Alps! Try your hand at this outdoor activity par excellence in an exceptionally wild and unspoilt setting. Free as a bird… Get ready for take-off!

Test a 2-seater paraglider this summer

Comfy and convivial

Michel Lacroix takes you by the hand for a thrilling, 2-man paragliding tester with ABC D’air in the radiant sunshine of the Alpes-Maritimes, soaring over Parc national du Mercantour. It’s time for take-off: open your eyes wide to lap up the views as you glide over the mountains, Sospel and typical little Mediterranean villages. Alternatively, take to the heights with Imagin’air and drink in the stunning vistas over Vallée de Valdeblore and Vésubie. At the La Colmiane paragliding site, children can fly the nest thanks to their very own package. And while the kids are having fun up in the air, mum and dad can opt for a discovery flight. Breathe in deeply and marvel at the show of mountain greens and Mediterranean blues… Simply stunning!

A new angle on autumn colours

When the landscapes are bedecked with gold…

Located on the heights of Grasse, Ascendance 06 spreads its wings over the Parc des Préalpes where you’ll find plenty of paragliding hotspots – the hardest thing is taking your pick! Soar over the fairytale scenery of Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey, Gourdon and Gréolières draped in autumn colours, and contemplate vallée du Loup and plateau de Caussols from the comfort of a 2-seater paraglider. The skies around vallée du Buëch are so pure and clear that astronomy fans now consider them a benchmark. You can also enjoy the peace and quiet of a paraglider with SI Ail Parapente : contemplate the soft and gentle mountainscapes soothed by the Durance river… This is the perfect place to recharge your batteries and get back on top of the world. And why not combine your flight with a hike? If you’re tempted, simply head to Ventavon !

Skiing up the mountain slopes!

Go up on your skis and back down with your head in the clouds!

Tête en l’air offers thrills and spills lovers a unique sporting experience combining skiing and flying, with a breathtaking 3-hour introduction to snowkiting. On the programme: with your skis on your feet and sail in hand, catch the wind and glide up the gentle slopes of Queyras… When you reach the top, you simply whoosh back down again! If you’re seeking fun and adrenalin, Aero Blanche Parapente & Speedriding guarantees palpitating experiences in vallée de la Blanche, including speed riding suspended in a fairytale decor between Digne-les-Bains and Serre-Ponçon – genuine icons of the Alpes de Haute Provence and Hautes-Alpes areas. Let’s head to the Écrins and Pollen Parapente to embrace the National Park’s mythical high peaks. You’ll love flying over the village of Vallouise and in winter, when snow cloaks the mountain in white, you can take off from the ski resort of Pelvoux. Awe-inspiring!

Spring is here, free as air!

A flight package for every taste

The arrival of spring means the start of magnificent paragliding experiences near Serre-Ponçon lake. Sheltered from northerly winds thanks to the Écrins mountain range, you can enjoy this gorgeous hotspot in the capable hands of Belved’Air Parapente. Try their discovery flight, boasting exceptional views over the emerald waters of the lake, or opt for the lake flight package which also takes you over plateau de Dormillouse and the hilltop village of Saint Vincent les Forts . The trees are budding, butterflies are fluttering… There’s no doubt about it, spring is here! This is a perfect time for adventure lovers to discover the Ubaye mountains . Based in Barcelonnette, the welcoming and passionate Ubaye Aventure team loves sharing its knowledge of the local territory and its clear blue skies with wannabe pilots. Opt for the Soleille-Bœuf morning package starting with a 4×4 drive up the slopes, a short walk, take-off at an impressive 2214 metres and flight over the grassy crest of Soleille-bœuf. An absolute must!