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Pôle Sport Innovation in Les Orres

A sports and leisure centre in a blend of real and virtual

The Pôle Sport Innovation in Les Orres is an indoor sport and leisure centre offering sports and fun activities with the best of what technology has to offer, to go from real to virtual, from indoor to outdoor sport.

Rise to the challenge and have fun in a super setting

From virtual to real

This is a unique place, a blend of real and virtual, where you can celebrate mountain sports and fitness. Welcome to the Pôle Sport Innovation in the resort of Les Orres, a sunny balcony over the Lake of Serre-Ponçon. For seasoned sportspeople, beginners or the more curious, the buzzword is the same: forget your apprehension and dare to launch into new sports, let off steam and above all enjoy yourselves! And to cap it all, this journey among sports, thrills and high-tech takes place in an out-of-the-ordinary decor, at the foot of the runs, in an ultra-modern 1100 sq. metre area with 3 levels and 8 rooms. You can try one of the 5 simulators for a virtual session of downhill mountain biking, downhill skiing, canoeing, paragliding or speed-riding. It’s great for calming your fears and learning to trust yourself! The same goes for the tilted artificial ski slope. There’s lots to do in real mode too: a fun climbing room with 8 modules, a bouldering room and a 24-route climbing wall, a room for fitness, yoga and pilates lessons and a bodybuilding and cardio room. Ideal to fill your sports schedule for the weekend or the holidays.

And what’s happened to the weather?

It’s good news this time

In winter or in summer, when it’s snowing or the prairies are turning green again, in the Pôle Sport Innovation in Les Orres, the programme of activities is always the same. It’s ideal if you want to race down the runs out of season on the tilted ski slope and perfect your side slips to limber up for next winter or enjoy a good schuss. Many ski clubs and athletes actually book their training slots on the indoor ski slope while the resorts of the French Southern Alps are closed. For those of you who prefer a seasonal mood, the Pôle Sport Innovation, which breaks down the barriers between indoor and outdoor sports, is also a great playground which is ideal before you challenge yourself in the protected landscapes of the Alps.

And now for summer mode

Looking for somewhere cool, and you want to hear the water lapping against the stones ? It’s the best moment for getting into a canoe in the Gorges du Guil… virtual reality-style! And when you’ve tamed your indoor sensations, you’ll want more. This time, you can head for the rivers of the valley or the Lake of Serre-Ponçon to continue with an outdoor white water activity (rafting, fun rafting or canyon rafting…). It’s also the perfect opportunity to launch yourself into the air. With your virtual reality goggles over your eyes, you can fly over the ridges of Les Orres with a paraglider from the Pôle Sport Innovation. A suspended, contemplative moment and pure sensations! And now it’s time to dare to have a great paragliding session. Another challenge? After a boost of adrenaline on a downhill mountain bike simulator, you can jump on a real bike and ride on the trails of the Bike Park of Les Orres in the middle of nature.

Winter again

The happy time of winter sports, ski hats and snowflakes is back! If you’re a beginner or you want to perfect your indoor skills before making the most of the joy of mountain sports in the open air, just open the door of the Pôle Sport Innovation in Les Orres. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skier, there’s nothing better than a session on the tilted ski slope monitored by the Ecole Française de Ski (ESF) to get ready before you go to the runs (either by yourself or with a ski school instructor). You can also try downhill skiing in virtual mode, with the four programmes offered: the mythical La Pousterle run, the panoramic run of Les Crêtes, the Grand Cabane run carving-style or free ride. Next step: Try them in real conditions!