©Anna Breitenberger

The Lemon Festival in Menton

your vitamin-packed winter event!

This highly original carnival takes place every year in Menton, in the land of lemons under the gentle climate of the Côte d’Azur. Take part in the festivities and wander along beside the golden fruit during the procession of floats in the Mediterranean town. Tastes and scents will be your companions!


Show-stopping lemons for the festival

Since 1934, the town of Menton has been a place for winter festivities. What began as a simple flower and fruit show in the gardens of the Riviera Palace has become an unavoidable event which is the only one of its kind in the world. The Lemon Festival® has even become a registered trademark. Every year, it brings together a large number of festival-goers from all walks of life who come to have fun alongside the fanfares and folk groups that twirl, zigzag and dance between the floats to create the atmosphere. The Lemon Festival promises the discovery of a magnificent Mediterranean town and seeing life… yellow. The leading lemon producer on the continent, Menton celebrates the heritage of its terroir with this festival where the most incredible floats of bushes covered in oranges and lemons parade through the town. And don’t forget to get a photo of the lemon-shaped mascot that bears the event’s colours so proudly. There’s a chance you’ll come across it in the parades and the Jardins de Lumières where the regular festival-goers will let you into the secret of its name – John Lemonhème!

Fruity parades for a tangy festival

But the festival wouldn’t be as spectacular if it weren’t for the magnificent parades of golden fruit. Admire the processions of floats made up of citrus fruit which even parade at night, with dancers and those who create atmosphere. During the zesty, vitamin-packed night parades, the lit-up floats which are all eminently surprising parade along the Promenade du Soleil at nightfall for a magical moment. Make the most of the festival and walk in the Jardins Biovès, magnificently decked out in sunny colours. And you’ll be dazzled by the exhibition of yellow and orange patterns of citrus fruit. Be ready to be impressed by the ephemeral giant sculptures of citrus fruit where the fruit have been assembled one by one! In the meanwhile, the Salon de l’Artisanat and the Festival des Orchidées with their unforgettable fragrances have taken up their winter quarters in the Palais de l’Europe alongside creative craftsmen who will encourage you to make some lovely purchases. The highlight of the show is the impressive fireworks display where the sparks fall into the sea in a beautiful conclusion for this extraordinary moment!

Lemons, the Stars of the Festival

An all year round fruit, the lemon is the star of Menton and the Lemon Festival! Its tastes and flavours concentrate the beauty of the landscapes and the gentle climate of the Menton area and it has become the symbol of the town’s festivities. The Menton lemon is a rare product which has a  protected geographical Indication and this is why the lemons which decorate the festival are not from Menton. Menton’s total production of lemons would not suffice to create all the citrus compositions. So it’s better to have it in the most gourmet plates and capture the flavours of this citrus fruit grown on the Côte d’Azur!