Stage 4, step by step: Martigues to Carry‑le‑Rouet

Your trip continues in the lands of the Mediterranean. A good part of the trail goes along a wild coastline and you will be able to discover an interesting heritage. You’ll get a chance to enjoy the fresh sea air.

27.5 km – 9 h – Yellow/Red Markings

  1. When you come out of Traverse Joseph Barthélémy, opposite the MJC, cross over and turn right and left onto Boulevard Émile Zola. At the traffic lights, turn right after the public gardens, climb the steps and take Boulevard Voltaire opposite, cross Rue Bellevue and go straight on between the apartment blocks of La Cité des Deux-Portes. At the end of this passageway, go up the Rue Sylvia de Luca opposite. When you reach the end, go into the tunnel, through a barrier, join up with a trail and stay on the left. Follow the wide trail going upwards. At the crossroads, follow the trail opposite and at the next crossroads veer right, CB 68 signpost.
    Trail separates from GR® de Pays 2013.
  2. Go down the trail to the right to the power line in Vallon du Mistral. Keep the power line on your left. Cross D 5 at the col (caution!). Turn left at the CB 70 signpost, go up the trail on your right and walk to the right of former mills. Go to the right of the electricity pylon and go down left under the power line, keeping it on your right. Go straight on.
  3. After a wide S-bend, go under the power line and at the crossroads, go down left on the large trail (800 m). Keep on the trail until you reach the D 49A, and keep straight on for 800 m. At the roundabout, go up Rue du Tilleul opposite. Turn right off it for the cemetery. Pass between the church and the remains of the oppidum and go down the steps and the little street until you reach No 10, veer right towards the car park in Rue Abbé Villard.
  4. At the crossroads, go right on Chemin des Gides down. At No 35, stay right, after the vines and at the big wrought-iron gate, turn left and you will reach the ruins of a shepherd’s hut. Go up the path on the left which becomes stony. At the cistern, go up the trail on the left to La Gatasse and continue on through the pine forest. After the barrier, in the hairpin bend on the paved road, (CB 47 signpost), veer right and walk up D 49. At the communications antenna, a little before you reach Col de La Gatasse, cross the road (caution!). Walk straight along the trail on the plateau. [O> viewpoint]. Pass just next to the cistern and the watchtower la tour de guet, at the crossroads, turn right and continue on the main trail.
  5. Turn right before the water tank, CB 16 signpost, and at the next crossroads, follow the trail on the left. Go under the power line, through a barrier, take the pipe under the Voie Rapide, go through the wood and veer left. Walk along beside the railway tracks, go over a little bridge and then over the railway tracks. When you reach the end of Chemin des Roussures, take the little dirt track on the left which avoids you having to cross the road. Cross Chemin des Rouges, CB 15 signpost and go right towards the roundabout. Cross Route des Bastides and take the Voie Verte opposite. Go down it and at the roundabout follow the sign to Sainte-Croix on the path lined with big rocks. Go along past the campsite, down the pedestrian way alongside the pine forest. You arrive at the beach of Sainte-Croix. Go left towards the chapels, CB 13 signpost.
  6. After Chapelle Sainte-Croix [O> on the left, former 12th-century chapel], continue along the coastline past the campsites, near the radar station and go down to Port des Tamaris and the car park. Cross the road to follow the Sentier du Littoral at the east end of the port. Walk along the coast and go past an archaeological site at the end of a little road. Follow the coastline to D49 (caution!) and the reed bed.
  7. Go down to the right to L’Anse de Boumandariel, CB 14 signpost. Follow the Promenade du Littoral to reach the harbour of Sausset les Pins. Go around the harbour. Continue along the Corniche for about 1.5 km until it meets up with RD 5. At the end of Promenade de la Corniche, go down to the right. Continue on the road to Carry le Rouet.
  8. After the veterinary clinic (clinique vétérinaire), leave the road to go back to the coastline. Follow the coastline to the harbour of Carry, going past the Centre Nautique de la Tuilière. You will arrive at the harbour from the Fernandel beach. Go part of the way around the harbour. Veer left, between a brasserie and a restaurant, and go up the steps on Rue Jérôme Chapuis to La Route Bleue, turn left. As you come out of the bend on the left go down Avenue Gérard Montus on the right which will take you to the Cap Rousset beach.
  9. At the end of the beach, go into the Lotissement de Barqueroute, (private property). Follow Allée de Barqueroute. At the crossroads with Allée de la Falaise, go straight on along Allée des Marines.
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