Vallée de l'Ubaye en hiver dans les Alpes

Vallée de l’Ubaye

In a Franco-Italian atmosphere, explore the peace and intimacy of the Ubaye village resorts – located between the Parc National des Écrins and the Parc National du Mercantour.

Val d’Oronaye – Larche

Franco-Italian Atmosphere

The little village of Larche is located on the Franco-Italian border in the magnificent valley of Le Lauzier. Here, the Nordic tradition is very deep-rooted—the local mountain customs officers were the first seasoned cross-country skiers (fondeurs.) Since 1930, Italian and French regional clubs have trained on the slopes of Larche. In the heart of the Parc National du Mercantour, this family resort has a high mountain atmosphere. Plus, you’ll find a discovery area dedicated to games and learning to ski.

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Listen to Water Murmuring Beneath the Ice

Skiing in Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye is accompanied by the soundtrack of water slowly flowing beneath the ice of the frozen river. It’s also about finding the joy in deeply and privately recharging your batteries as you pass through the larches, gliding from one wooden bridge to another in this high and ancient valley. You don’t pass through Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye, you go there … and you always go back! The Maurin Maljasset promenade site, with 6 km of groomed and maintained slopes, will welcome you higher in the valley at 1,950 m.

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In Complete Privacy

Perched at a height of 1800 m in the high Vallée de l’Ubaye, the Sainte-Anne village resort seems to be leisurely waiting for you to discover it. Its trails are imbued with a feeling of infinity: here, everything is calm and restful. From the top of the ski area, the landscape opens onto the magnificent panorama of the French and Italian Alps. Saint-Anne’s intimate character gives it the friendliness for which it is known, the privilege of a place that is as secret as it is well preserved.

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