Digne-Les-Bains sommets enneigés dans les Alpes

Set your own pace in Digne-les-Bains

A Zen paradise, haven for mountain bikers, producer of lavender, temple of curiosities, creator of art, and place where time stands still. Digne-les-Bains promises to reconnect you with the essential.

Back to basics

Soak up the benefits of water

The history of Digne-les-Bains is intrinsically linked to that of water. Set in the Haute-Provence area at the confluence of three valleys, its natural springs bubble to the surface at temperatures of up to 42°. The valley has been reputed for its spa waters since Roman times and people come here from far and wide to treat respiratory problems and arthritis. The Parcours de l’Eau walk in the town centre invites you to discover Digne’s many fountains, wells and streams. Located just outside town, Ferréols lake, boasting crystal-clear waters and free access, is a favourite place for family fun – a must for the hot summer afternoons.

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Open your eyes and breathe in deeply

The mythical power of flowers and blue gold

Life in Digne is tinted in lavender! The plant has been thriving under the clear blue skies of Digne, at the gateway to the Southern Alps and Provence, for several centuries. And the show from mid-June to late July, when the blue gold is in bloom, is positively spectacular. The star of the Corso de la Lavande flower parade held every first weekend in August, lavender also produces a coveted essential oil, often used for massages. If you want to penetrate all the secrets of lavender, head to the Musée de la Lavande. To wind up your voyage of the senses in style, don’t miss a visit to the Jardin Botanique des Cordeliers, where you can learn all about the medicinal properties of the garden’s 350 wild plants varieties.

Need a breath of fresh air?

Take to the heights!

From the town centre, head out onto the surrounding signposted trails such as the easy-going Sentier des Trois-Chapelles. The renowned but more technical Sentier des Terres Noires is popular with seasoned mountain bikers and offers strikingly-contrasted scenery of blue lavender, deep green trees and dark ravines. What’s more, Digne-les-Bains is also home to the EVO Bike Park – the first French year-round bike park set right on the ski slopes!

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The perfect place to reconnect with yourself

Embrace your inner child

A historic land of inspiration, Digne-les-Bains is a place where everything is possible. Here, famous land artist Andy Goldsworthy has created a series of astonishing art refuges set amid the unique geology of the UNESCO Geopark. Not to be missed too, a voyage to the summits on a steam train: the gorgeous Train des Pignes has been defying the slopes – at its own pace! – for over a century. The perfect opportunity to let your mind wander and find inner peace. This spiritual facet of Digne also seduced intrepid explorer Alexandra David Neel: after travelling the world for 20 years – she was the first woman to enter the forbidden city of Lhasa in Tibet – she decided to set up home in the town and in her book, Himalayas for Lilliputians she recounts how she found the tranquillity she was seeking in Digne. Her former home, now a museum, offers a fascinating peek into her world.