Lac Serreponcon Alpes A Mouton

Weather in the Southern Alps

Here, the sun shines 300 days a year – welcome to the Southern Alps! With both mountain and Mediterranean influences, the weather varies depending on the altitude and the terrain, so that our Alps offer stunning landscapes all year.


When the Sun Has a Date with the Snow

With its dry weather and a sky which is most often blue, the Alps provide the dream climate for winter holidays. Be prepared – snow can cover the Mercantour Massif and the Ubaye and Queyras Valleys in a metre and a half of snow in just a single day! The Alps are ideal for snow sports, whether you choose a little village resort or a big ski area.



Heat in the Valleys. Cool at the Summits

In summer, the summits are open to everyone. Rural walks and exceptional panoramic views are there for the taking. The weather is very pleasant here. If the heat in the valleys becomes too oppressive, altitude and the rivers provide a refreshing respite from stifling heatwaves. The days are warm, the nights remain cool – a real plus in this region that invites vacationers to breathe a little. Take care, for stormy and short rain showers can take hikers by surprise!

Spring and Autumn

An Explosion of Colours

Off-season the Alps display all their beauty. Spring offers the magnificent spectacle of nature re-awakening under a glorious sun. The mistral wind reigns in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, leaving a clear blue sky behind it. In autumn, despite some frosts from mid-September, temperatures remain mild by day. The season allows access to the heights from where you can admire the valleys turning red and gold.