Tourton du Champsaur, spécialités culinaires de la vallée duTourton du Champsaur, spécialités culinaires de la vallée du
©Tourton du Champsaur, spécialités culinaires de la vallée du|Bertrand Bodin

Don't leave the Hautes-Alpes without tasting Tourtons!

While you’re holidaying in the Hautes-Alpes, be sure to sample a local culinary speciality: Tourtons du Champsaur! You’ll find fabulous Tourtons on offer at the restaurants in Champsaur and Gap, or at small local producers. The fruit of ancient culinary know-how handed down through generations, this timeless treat is packed with all the flavours of the Southern Alps – and its recipe remains a well-kept secret!

What are Tourtons?

A French culinary speciality, Tourtons du Champsaur used to be served on special occasions and were called “Little Jesus Cushions”. This little pillow of thin, fried pastry, generally stuffed with mashed potato, fresh tomatoes and onions, also comes in a variety of variations such as apple, spinach or prunes… Served as a starter with green salad and garlic vinaigrette, or meat, or as a dessert, this iconic Southern Alps dish is an absolute must when you stop-off at the local restaurants and artisan producers!

The star of Champsaur!

Savour the authenticity of the mountains with Tourtons Pellegrin

An emblem of Southern Alps local fare and French gastronomy, the original Tourton recipe could easily have fallen into oblivion. But luckily for us, Jean-Louis and Eugène took up the gauntlet of this family tradition, cherished by the grandmothers of Champsaur, and tweaked it to current-day tastes. Today, the Frères Pellegrin are the stars of the Tourton and their address in Champsaur is a must-do. What’s more, the welcome is as heart-warming as this generous mountain dish itself. There’s plenty more on offer too – be sure to sample their Ravioles and Oreilles d’ânes.

A family venture

Chez Pierrot, a love of fine fare and tradition

Pierrot flies the flag of the family Tourton recipe and introduces visitors to the culinary heritage of Champsaur at his delightful workshop. Just take a bite to immerse yourself in the taste of ancient know-how spiked with a personal touch that makes Pierrot’s Tourton recipe one of the most coveted in the Southern Alps. Homemade and sold the same day, his delicate, crispy treats are simply sublime. You’ll also find Pierrot on the food market in Saint Bonnet is summer, where he sells a selection of novel Tourtons ranging from savoury potato to sweet prune. You won’t find anything more local than this typical Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur dish hand-made by Pierrot at his workshop. A revelation!

Gap unveils its secrets

Savour the generosity of the Hautes-Alpes with Papi Ours

Papi Ours has been handing down its family recipes for the last four generations. Their Tourtons de Gap are as generous and gourmet as the chefs that make them, but also leave plenty of room for creative flair. Their tourtons-with-a-twist are perfect served with the aperitif: don’t miss the mouth-watering pepper and tomato version bursting with flavours of the South – the perfect companion to warm summer evenings. The Tourtons are made in front of you, so don’t miss a thing if you want to try and grasp their secrets and get inspired for your upcoming French gastronomy dinners. What better way to impress your guests?!