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Have a Great Adventure in the Alps!

To escape, to test your limits, or to simply be wowed, the mountains and the lakes of the Southern Alps are a magical setting for many outdoor activities – suspended in the air, along the water,  or with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

Published on 1 October 2019

Amazing Encounters

Back to Nature (almost) in Complete Freedom

In Thorenc, it’s possible to have bison, moose or even Przewalski’s horses as your neighbours! The Réserve des Monts d’Azur offers horse-drawn carriage or pedestrian safaris in the moors, the meadows, and the virgin forests. In Vésubie, watch over the three wolf packs at the Parc Alpha-Loup in huts, protected from these famous predators.Then, at last, leave Earth in 5D at the Muséoscope of Lac de Serre-Ponçon and fly over the Durance with a white-tailed sea eagle as a co-pilot.

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Helmets and Carabiners in Action

The Forests: Playgrounds for Aerial Trails

With Sisteron Aventures, acrobatic trails in the trees are divided into six levels with a choice of hundreds of workshops. Treetop trail enthusiasts can also get their harness on at the Parc des Écureuils (Squirrel Park) in the Vallée de la Blanche, in Montclar. For those who want to grow wings, head to the biggest zip-line in France at La Colmiane. Spanning 2,663 metres long, it lets you soar at 130 km/hour!

A Giant Rush of Adrenaline

And Challenges That Are Full of Surprises

In rock-climbing mode, cross suspended bridges with Digne Aventure or the rocky walls of the Mines du Grand Clôt, one of the most beautiful via ferratas in the Briançon area. Leave your ropes behind and take a free fall in a less-than-10-metre-high simulator at On’Air FFM, a vertical skydiving wind tunnel in Tallard. Looking to do snow sports year-round? In Castérino, try out summer’s alternative to sledding with the dog-scooter (cani-trottinette) towed by two or three huskies. Or hurtle down the Col de Turini on a summer luge, aka tubing. Lastly at Vesubia Mountain Park in Saint-Martin-Vésubie, relaxing, climbing, and waterfalls are brought together in one venue that’s fun for the whole family.

Inaccessibility is Not Alpine

Between the Earth and the Sky

Aboard the Train des Merveilles which connects Tende to Nice, you can experience one of the most beautiful railway routes in Europe – be sure to grab a seat by the window. Looking down into the canyons, then at the majestic viaducts and up into the sky, you will climb and descend more than 1,000 metres of altitude. Between Puget-Thénier and Annot, you will skirt past perched villages in the little carriages of the steam-powered Train des Pignes. Beneath the surface, La Grotte de Baume Obscure reveals the deep mysteries of an underground slate mine (souterroscope) via the light of your headlamp. Get under the skin of a budding caver!