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This summer in the Southern Alps

Where to go on holiday with your dog

This year, you’ve chosen a holiday in the mountains and there’s something new for you: you can take the family’s ‘best friend’, your dog, with you! Hiking in the open air, exploring the mountains, discovering new activities… fun for everyone, and especially your four-legged friend.

Try ‘dogourism’

Yes, you can take you dog on holiday with you!

If you want to be able to take your dog on holiday with you, why not try dogourism? This unusual concept was born in 2007 in a tourist office in the East of France, with the aim of making life easier for tourists with dogs. Dogourism is currently available in around twenty tourist offices all over France. If you’re passing through the Southern French Alps, stop off at the tourist office of Gap Tallard Vallées and get yourself a welcome pack. These packs contain some little gifts for your furry companion along with a selection of activities, accommodation and good addresses to make your holiday easier. All you need for the best sort of holiday with your four-legged friend.

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Excellent accommodation for our doggy friends

The best room for a comfortable holiday?

Head for the La Posada bed & breakfast, for a totally mountain stay in the little village of Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye. A warm, Mexican atmosphere prevails in this former mountain farmhouse in the Ubaye Valley, where you will get a good welcome. With 5 rooms and a total capacity of 15 people, this is the ideal place to spend your holidays with family or friends. And the best part is that it’s free of charge for your faithful companion in this dog-friendly gîte. We recommend the many hiking trails that will take you off on a visit of the Southern French Alps to make the most of the fresh air, and we know that one of you is sure to be especially happy!


As a mountain explorer with your four-legged friend

Making the most of the fresh air on Alpine trails

A leash and a good pair of walking shoes are all you need to visit the Alps and enjoy a hike in the open air with your faithful companion . You will find a number of hikes in the mountains and little Alpine villages. Itineraries cover the Vallée de la Tinée, the Vallée du Var, the Vallée de la Roya and also the Vallée de la Vésubie. Our advice if you want to discover the Parc national du Mercantour with your companion is to choose one of the itineraries outside the Park’s protected area where dogs are allowed. We recommend the itineraries of the Lac de l’Orrenaye, the Cime de la Bonette, or the Cascade de Louch for a dazzling view and a good hike!

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You don’t have a dog, but you love dogs?

Why not try dog-hiking

You love both our four-legged friends and mountain hikes? You have just got to try dog-hiking! Head for the Haute Vallée de l’Ubaye to meet Coralie and her pack of dogs . You will definitely be amazed by these animals which look rather like teddy bears! You’ll get a top-notch programme: go for a unique outing where you let your travelling companion pull you along and admire the splendid mountain views, or put on a good pair of walking shoes and go for a hike with Nordic dogs. The perfect opportunity to discover the pack and the life of sled dogs. After the outing, you can visit the kennels and have a cuddle with your favourite mutt!


When you meet the shepherd during your hike

Have the right behaviour

If you’re having a holiday in the southern French Alps, you will probably come across shepherd dogs. They bear their name well! They help the shepherd by watching over the flocks in the Alpine pastures and protecting them from predators. If you come across these dogs, there are a few safety rules to follow to be able to watch them doing their job in total freedom! Walk calmly around the flock, do not look the dog in the eyes and do not try to get near it. And if your four-legged friend is also with you, keep it on a leash and place it behind you so that it cannot disturb the flock.

Safety rules