Gorges de Cians, Alpes Maritimes (06), France, lang=Gorges de Cians, Alpes Maritimes (06), France, lang="x-repair" Gorges de Cians, Alpes Maritimes (06), France
©Gorges de Cians, Alpes Maritimes (06), France, lang="x-repair" Gorges de Cians, Alpes Maritimes (06), France|Moirenc Camille

A week-end

In the high valleys of the Var and the Cians

The Cians and Daluis Gorges, whose setting is unique in Europe, are often known as the Nicois Colorado. A combination of warm colours and shapes cut into an extraordinary wine-coloured red rock make up a highly moving sight. In a mixture of mineral and plant life, water and rocks, there’s a striking weekend in store for you!

CircuitDuration2 days
Visited places
La Boucle du Point Sublime
Seeing red!

With its steep rocks, deep valleys, high mountains and lava tunnels, the Vallée du Haut Var has everything you need for total immersion in a Far West atmosphere. Stretching from the Col de la Cayolle to Pont de Gueydan, it’s an invitation to discover enigmatic, off-the-beaten-track lands in desert-like surroundings. All the main municipalities in the valley: Entraunes, Saint-Martin-d’Entraunes, Villeneuve d’Entraunes, Guillaumes, and Daluis, offer amazing possibilities. The famous and magnificent Gorges de Daluis, in the lower part of the valley, are listed as a Natural Regional Reserve. A spectacular site where you can see canyons cut into the red rock known as pelite and which is over 250 million years old. They give the landscape its extraordinary, flamboyant aspect, and take you on a trip well beyond the horizon without even having to change continents.

Day 1A perfect zen moment in the valley

Valberg‘s Sentier Yoga (Yoga trail), perfect for recharging your batteries and disconnecting, offers a zen walk in the mountains to serenely reconnect with nature. Between the golf course of the resort of Valberg and the Col de l’Espaul, at the entrance to the Mercantour National Park, the trail has 10  yoga postures on the itinerary. The setting is just perfect for awakening your five senses and offers remarkable views of the surrounding peaks, including Le Saint-Honorat or Les Cluots. Continue your change of scenery and get your fill of tranquillity in a cocooning night at the Hôtel Le Chalet Suisse in the middle of Valberg. This cosy, restful nest has a “Nicois-style Switzerland” feel and when you wake up in the morning you’ll get a breathtaking view of the Park and the mountains from the balcony which can be reached from your room. Liven up your tastebuds with a delicious meal at Le Refuge. Comforting mountain dishes, a great welcome and a warm atmosphere all guarantee a delightful time.


Day 2A meeting with wildlife

Not far from Valberg, the brand new “Randos du Géologue” show off the natural treasures of the valley which offers striking contrasts, set off by the shapes caused by erosion and a wide variety of flora. In spring and autumn, three hikes invite you to discover the geological secrets of the Gorges de Daluis. From the Berthéou bridge you’ll walk with a mountain guide along the 4 km of the Point Sublime loop. You’ll see the Gorges de Daluis in their entirety and get a plunging view of the Var River and the copper mines. After 10 geological stops,  you can see the rare and sought-after copper mines in the cliffside which were used in times gone by for making jewellery. In Valberg,  a pair of nature lovers well-rooted in their mountains – Patricia and Patrick – await you for an unforgettable stay in their larch-wood chalet: le Chant du Mélé. And a stone’s throw away at La Table d’Emily the mountain recipes and Corsican specialities will be just what you’ve been waiting for.