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An unforgettable week's road trip

In the Val d’Allos

Here’s your programme: An excursion on the roads of the Alps, to recharge your batteries in the mountains and get back to the basics. This summer, take a few days to explore the sources du Verdon, and discover the best spots and must-do activities with our Val d’Allos roadbook!


TourDuration5 days
Visited Places
La Foux d’Allos
Le lac d’Allos
Le parc de Loisirs du Val d’Allos
Le torrent de la Lance
Day 1Relaxation in the resort of La Foux d’Allos

Take some time with your family in the heart of the Val d’Allos, a typical 100% cool mountain village. This is the place where the ranges of the Alps blend harmoniously with the Mediterranean climate and thrills are guaranteed on the Verdon Express multiseason Luge. Climb on the toboggan rail run and scream with delight as you go over jumps, series of waves and flip-flaps as an intrepid mum or an adventurous uncle. And when you’ve had your fill of adrenalin, a sunny table on the terrace of the restaurant Le Verdon awaits you and you can enjoy specialities and pizzas straight from the wood-fired oven! And when you’ve had your fill, let yourself be pampered and grant yourself a moment of relaxation and well-being in the spa and the hammam of the Hôtel du Hameau with an exceptional view over the circus and the Verdon valley.

Day 2Escapade around the Lac d'Allos

Make the most of the good weather to discover the landscapes of the Mercantour. Go on a geology discovery hike to the Lac d’Allos and discover how these mountain landscapes and the glacial circus of the Lac d’Allos were formed over thousands of years. Keep your eyes skinned and your ears open along this guided and labelled “Esprit Parc national” walk. Walkers of all levels can adventure on a 4-5 hour walk right in the middle of the Mercantour National Park, before taking a break at the Refuge du Lac d’Allos. A pleasant night in this authentic and rustic high mountain hut with the promise that you’ll wake up to an exceptional view of the mountains around. In this lush green natural setting, there are hikers, walkers, wanderers, fishermen and also the foodies who only want one thing: tasty dishes cooked with care. The mouth-watering menu of the Restaurant du Lac d’Allos beckons? Its dishes cooked on the woodstove are sure to help you get your strength back!

Day 3A family day at the Parc de Loisirs in the Val d’Allos

So everybody’s in a good mood and you’re all ready for a fun day in Allos and memories to take home with you! This cool oasis in the middle of the mountains basking in the sun of the southern French Alps has no end of activities for all the family. Who’s going to be brave and launch into the air like Tarzan on the zipline? Swim in the 15,000-m2 bathing lake while you watch the kids on the toboggan! Rise to the challenge at the mini-golf, paddle in a canoe to reach the pedal boat or astound the basketball and football players by trying a few figures on your rollers. And when you’ve had fun, it’s time to rest in the Bed & Breakfast. Feeling peckish? Your hosts will suggest you have dinner in the Restaurant “Le Gout des Mets”, in Allos, to enjoy some delicious homemade dishes.

Day 4The Torrent de la Lance – guaranteed thrills

Need more adventure and thrills? Head for Colmars-les-Alpes for a stunning canyoning outing at the Torrent de la Lance. Get ready to slide down the natural toboggans on this tributary of the Verdon. With Passion Canyon, you can be sure that extreme sport and adventure enthusiasts of all kinds will find what they’re looking for. Looking for somewhere calmer? The Cascade de la Lance, a stone’s throw from the famous fortified town of Colmars-les-Alpes, is beautifully cool and you can enjoy it to the full! Dip your feet in and enjoy the magic of a place like somewhere from an imaginary world. When night falls, the journey continues in the Cabanes forestières Le Nouveau Martagon in Villars-Colmars where an unusual chalet with a terrace and mountain view awaits you! But before returning to your cosy little nest, try some of the Pays Gourmand labelled traditional cuisine of the restaurant La Table Ronde.

Day 5Discover an exceptional fortified heritage

For the last day of your trip, take a look around at local history and get to know Colmars-les-Alpes. Listed a “Village et cité de caractère”, this old city surrounded by ramparts with pentagonal towers framed by two powerful forts, the Fort de France and the Fort de Savoie, shares its secrets with the most attentive among you. Start by visiting the superb 17th century military structure: the Fort de Savoie. Then on to the Maison Musée and Chemin de Ronde (wall walk), where you can learn about the professions and the daily life of the mountain people in the olden days. This early 20th-century mansion opens onto the walkway and its towers where you can follow in the footsteps of the garrison’s soldiers. The gentle fragrances of the plants in the apothecary’s garden will remind you how much you love nature. And you can continue to enjoy it with a cool summer’s night camping under the stars at the Camping Les Relarguiers in Beauvezer. After dinner at the Restaurant Lacustre, which will end this incredible week on a delicious note, put up your tent or go to your spacious and lovely mobile home for your last night in the Val d’Allos.