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Feeling adventurous? Come and discover the Southern French Alps!

The budding athlete is waking up to an appetite for adventure and discovery? Head for the mountains of the Southern French Alps where a host of thrilling activities await you. Skiing, but not just skiing! Try your hand at out-of-the-ordinary sports such as bike trekking, biathlon in the snow and even icefall climbing.

Skiing in total freedom in Sainte-Anne

Freeride our free trek team?

You love sport, nature in its purest form and wide open spaces? Head for the ski resort of Sainte-Anne in the Alps to try out two winter mountain activities: freeride and freetrek! The principle? Skiing and trekking in total freedom as if you were off-piste, on ungroomed open runs which offer the advantage of being secure. On the magnificent natural ski area of Sainte-Anne, you’ll feel like the king of the world. Make the most of the Freerando ticket to get to the peaks of the area using the skilifts, and when you’re up there, set off on superb treks. The Tête de Crouès, Les Plastres and L’Arpillon valleys will satisfy your appetite for adventure!

To discover:

Glacier walks and hikes in La Grave

Exploring the Girose glacier

And what about taking a new look at the mountains? The exceptional Girose Glacier at the top of the Col des Ruillans at an altitude of 3211 metres is there when you get off the Téléphérique des Glaciers de la Meije cablecar. When the warmer weather returns and the snow melts, a mysterious ice cave is revealed inside the mountain. Every year, a number of artists sculpt the ice and create numerous galleries: you can take an unusual walk for around thirty minutes to admire them – from age 6 with the guides of the Bureau des Guides.. Glacier hikes are also provided to continue your climb and learn the fundamentals of ice walking. A mountain sport to remember.

Glacier walks and hikes

La Colmiane, the spot from thrills

Mountaineering, ski touring or skijoring for you?

For an unforgettable holiday in the Alps, set off for the multi-activity resort of La Colmiane in Valdeblore where seasoned athletes will find what they’re looking for! On the programme: initiation to icefall climbing, escape in a ski touring session or discovering skijoring. La Colmiane challenges you to climb its icefall, armed with your ice axe and crampons. You can do this extreme climbing sport with a professional mountain guide. Want to boost your cardio? Ski touring is just what you need! No skilifts, you just need sheer leg-power to get to the top. Get an eyeful of breath-taking landscapes while you keep in shape. The latest out-of-the ordinary adventure: ski joëring. Stock up on thrills pulled not by dogs, but by horses!

Escapade to the great outdoors at Le Fanget

You can try snowshoes, cross-country skiing or ski touring

Fed up with your daily routine, you need to let off steam and recharge your batteries in the mountains? Le Fanget is a good place to go. With your adventurer’s hat on your head and snowshoes on your feet, set off to explore the mountains and the peaks of Le Fanget in total freedom. In all, there are 13 km of marked trails and 6 snowshoeing trails to satisfy your appetite for fresh air and wide open spaces. And best of all, the moonlight outing followed by a friendly meal where all the participants get together to enjoy regional products. Delicious! And because the mountain is filled with surprises and has a lot to offer even without skilifts, make the most of a cross-country skiing session, a ski tour or match your skills with your friends in an orienteering race!

Le Fanget

Learning mountaineering in La Grave

The first careful but entrancing steps

What about an introductory mountaineering excursion? A sport that enables you to reach heights which are not usually accessible and enjoy exceptional views. On your own or as a pair, the Bureau des Guides of La Grave offers personalized assistance for the day. The ideal opportunity to perfect your technique. For beginners and seasoned climbers, anything goes, even the ascension of a peak at over 3000 metres. Head for the 3628 metres of Pic de la Grave. Climb its north face and its beautiful steep slope overlooking the Girose glacier. The view of the Massif des Écrins from the top is breathtaking!

Bureau des Guides of La Grave

Valberg, a myriad of activities

The athletes’ mecca

Focus on Valberg, an exceptional ski area with 56 runs spread over more than 90 km which can be reached by 23 skilifts. But Valberg is also a resort for the unusual, thrills and overcoming one’s personal limits. Certified professional mountain guides can accompany you in your activities: Alpine ski touring, off-piste skiing, icefall climbing, snowshoeing outings… Some of our favourites: the two biathlon loops and fatbike rental – fatbikes are big bikes equipped to brave the snow. When you get to the point where you need a breather and bring your adrenaline down again, put on your snowshoes and do the Sentier planétaire at your own pace, in a blend of several worlds: astronomy, astrology and mythology.

Mountain guides in Valberg


Adventure, yes… but in total safety

A few golden rules

The mountains are an exceptional playground for athletes looking for new thrills. Be adventurous, but don’t forget to respect the safety measures and enjoy your holiday in the Alps without putting yourself in danger. To tame the mountains, you must first understand them, and to do this, mountain guides are trained to accompany you on your outing. You need a taste of freedom? It’s better to use the freeride trails or the marked trails rather than the off-piste runs. For freeriding, you absolutely need to have wide skis, a helmet and a mask to protect your face from flying snow particles or other obstacles which may occur on the course. Safety-wise, training courses are provided to understand this type of skiing: you will learn a few weather reflexes and how to use an avalanche transceiver (also known as an Arva and should be added to your gear). And, above all, record the precious emergency numbers just in case: 112 or 114 by text message if reception is bad.