Ice waterfall climbing - the sporting challenge of a lifetime

If you dream of conquering the heights of snowy mountains and gazing out over immaculate white peaks as far as the eye can see, look no more! Try your hand at climbing the ice waterfalls cascading into the valleys of the Southern Alps: these natural or artificial ice giants promise an exceptional, exhilarating and resolutely epic adventure!

In the skin of a mountaineer

Ice pick in hand, crampons on feet

A paradise for adventurers and nature lovers alike, the Pays des Écrins area offers a choice of ice climbing routes for all levels. The majestic ice waterfalls located in the valleys of Fournel and Freissinières promise a guaranteed adrenaline rush, while ensuring you stay safe: climbers enjoy the mysterious and ephemeral beauty of some of the world’s most stunning ice giants in the capable hands of personal instructors. Head to one of the area’s climbing hotspots in Pelvoux, Puy Saint Vincent or L’Argentière-La-Bessée. Situated in Mercantour National Park, Gialorgues is a natural ice waterfall perfect for novices keen to push back their limits. Professional guide Marine Clarys kicks off your session with a warm-up on the main wall departing from the river, before moving on to more serious matters in the shape of a sheer sheet of ice.

Ice carved by the hand of man

Put yourself to the test!

In Aiguilles, in the heart of the preserved scenery of the Queyras Regional Nature Reserve, lies a majestic artificial ice waterfall perfect for sampling the pleasures of winter climbing in the mountains. Simply book ahead with Sandrine and the 30-metre challenge is all yours whatever your level: top-roping for novices or lead climbing for experts. You can also enjoy a range of on-site activities from January to March and even opt for a nocturnal climb for extra magic! If you’re travelling around Saint-Martin-Vésubie, head to the acclaimed four-sided artificial waterfall in Le Boréon , rising to a height of 18 metres. Slip into your crampons, grasp your ice pick and follow the guide as you embark on a magnificent, 360° panoramic experience.

The waterfalls of Queyras

V for vertical

A passionate fan of the Queyras Regional Nature Reserve (and he knows it like the back of his hand), Antonin hosts tailored ice climbing experiences throughout the year. On the programme: an unforgettable encounter with the highest and most breathtaking viewpoints as you make your way up these majestic ice giants. Also an expert climber and devotee of the local flora and fauna, Pascal offers a great choice of made-to measure packages for individuals and groups, promising thrilling ice climbing experiences in the beautiful winter landscapes of Queyras.

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