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Top best rafting spots

in the Alps

Tempted by a rafting excursion with friends or family? In summer, cool weather and adrenaline boost in the mountains make for a real change of scene… keep your hair on!

Be a rafting pro in the Hautes-Alpes

This vessel is impossible to capsize, empties itself, is paddled along and helmed by a qualified guide who has all the qualities to spice up your Alpine outing. A bit of madness and a lot of fun is what you get when you choose Jour de Raft in Serre-Chevalier on the Guisane. As you roll down the whole length of the valley of Serre-Chevalier, you’ll be doing 24 km on the river from Monêtier les Bains to Prelles. Opt for a day ride to make the most of a meal provided at the restaurant “La pêche à la truite” at the halfway point beside the river in an idyllic setting in protected natural surroundings. When you reach the rapids of the Basse Guisane, the adults can continue to have fun, but the under-16s have to keep up with the adventure on board a minibus. Reunited in Forville, you can continue this incredible descent on the Briançonnais part of the river Durance. This progressive itinerary is accessible to all and is a good way to discover the valley with its fields of crops grown on terraces and its vegetable gardens. Quey’Raft is specialized in the most beautiful descents in the Queyras Natural Regional Park and will have you loving rafting on the Guil, and Ubaye rivers and all over the Hautes-Alpes. Vincent, your instructor, is head over heels in love with the beautiful wild river and knows all about its wildlife and its history. You’re sure to love it too.

Tame the rivers and torrents of the Alpes de Haute Provence

Are you looking for a superb excursion in the Ubaye valley ? Anaconda Rafting is just what you need for your getaway in Le Lauzet-Ubaye. The village, well-known for its lovely natural lake where the high peaks of the surrounding mountains are reflected, is an invitation to take a bit of time to admire the lush green landscapes as you stop off to do your best jumps. A keen instructor will teach you the fundamentals of rafting and you’ll discover the surroundings in complete safety. For those who need more thrills, an athletic course will meet all your white water requirements – 52 kilometres and over 60 rapids! And remember that the Ubaye river, the last with a natural flow, is very famous for its rapids all over Europe, and people talk about it as THE white water sports spot! Different but just as attractive, the rafting excursion provided by Montagnes d’Ubaye in Barcelonnette gives a fun approach to the river under the instruction of a skilled instructor who teaches the crew to manœuvre over the rapids.

Water fun in the mountains a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean

Discover the natural beauty of the territory and its incredible wealth on crazy water itineraries with l’Espace Eau Vive in Puget-Théniers. These itineraries, which go along or through the Tinée, the Vésubie and the Gorges de Daluis, invite you to play at being an adventurer and challenge the quirks of nature in vertiginous descents. According to your level and what you want to do, you can be carried away by a discovery descent or something more « thrilling »! Roya Evasion also offers a fun and athletic activity in the Roya valley. As you can no longer do rafting there, come and try canyoning in white water in the mountains. A unique adventure full of jumps and great slides in crystal clear water.