Where to Score the Best Water Sports in the Alps

Lovers of water sports and activities will dive into pure happiness at the heart of the Southern Alps. White-water river rafting, board ports on a lake, fun water parks, and balneotherapy – choose what floats your boat and enjoy unique experiences in the breathtaking Alps.

Rafting on the Ubaye

Thrill-seekers, head to the Rivière de l’Ubaye for an afternoon rafting on one of Europe’s most beautiful waterways. Beginners or experienced rafters, you’ll hit the water with total peace of mind thanks to your knowledgeable  instructor, who will explain what safety rules you must follow and advise you on steering your vessel. A river raft handles like a sea raft and can accommodate up to eight people. It’s going to be an unforgettable adventure: at the front you’ll be doused with water, while at the back, well shaken! It’s no secret that rafting is a team sport: listening and helping each other will be your best allies. You will quickly tame the Ubaye, a torrential river which flows naturally, and whose rapids will pull you into incredible descents. Admire Alpine vegetation, rocky creeks and mountains that plunge sharply into the Ubaye. Be sure to look up to glimpse the bridges that cross it!

Sailing on the Lac de Serre-Ponçon

And what about organising an afternoon of sailing thrills? Head to the Lac de Serre-Ponçon, a tributary of the Ubaye, in the Alps. A benchmark for lovers of water sports, this artificial lake, which was created in the early 1960s, is the second largest in Europe. An ideal spot to let the wind, and the thermals that continually blow there, carry you off. Several sailing schools line the shores of the lake. A chance for youngsters to learn sailing sports in the Alps and for experts, to fill up on thrills! Windsurf, kite-surf, paddle board… it’s your choice. Then, head to one of the lakeside beaches for a well-deserved break…

Relax at the Centre Durancia Balnéoludique

After sports, it’s time for comfort! Get relaxed at the Centre Balnéoludique Durancia, at the entrance of Montgenèvre,​​ perched at an altitude of 1 860 m. With its wooden architecture, the centre is designed to blend perfectly into its Alpine setting. It is a dream place for switching off. From the spa area and fitness area to the bubble beds that offer an extraordinary sensory experience, everything is set up for relaxation. Continue with a water jet therapy session, a soak in the outdoor jacuzzis or a swim in the flowing river. For a moment of pure relaxation, treat yourself to a Nuxe treatment in the wellness area. Children will enjoy the lagoon, specially made for them!

Canyoning in the Gorges du Loup

Hiking enthusiasts, don’t miss out on canyoning in the Alps! For this activity, the Gorges du Loup are not to be missed. With your laces well-tied and your helmet tightly attached, follow your guides: they will advise you throughout your entire crossing. Try out some jumps, rappel descents and sliding into natural pools at your own pace. In short, enjoy a life-size natural playground and a memorable day at the heart of these wild gorges.

Hydrospeed in the Roya

Have you ever tried white water swimming? A short walk from the Vallée des Merveilles, head to the Gorgesde la Roya, what locals call the « river luge. » Your monitor will kit you out with a reinforced wetsuit, fins and a mini-float. Then it’s time for a shot of adrenaline! No doubt about it, thrill-seekers will remember the Gorges de la Haute Roya as one of the best water sports in the Alps.