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The Grand Puy ski resort

The Grand Puy ski resort is located in Seyne Les Alpes town, in the heart of the Vallée de la Blanche, in the Alpes de Haute Provence department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. The village is 1,260 meters above sea level and is located between Digne-les-Bains, Gap and Barcelonnette. The place is perfect to practice many activities: winter sports such as skiing, snowshoeing, sledging… but also hiking and biking in summer. Mountain is an ideal tourist destination throughout the year to recharge your batteries!

Ski slopes for all levels in The Grand Puy

The Grand Puy alpine ski resort is a family ski resort offering nearly 24 kilometers of green, blue, red and black slopes and a snow garden. The slopes are located between 1,400 and 1,800 meters of altitude and are accessible thanks to ski lifts (ski lift, chair lift and babyski). The ski area is adapted to all levels. Beginners and experienced skiers can enjoy the ski area for a day or more.

In Grand Puy, beginners can learn and improve their skills on the snow field: the Ribambelle area. There are nearly 8 hectares of marked and secured slopes where beginners can learn how to ski. Experienced skiers will be able to try more more difficult steep and hilly slopes.

Kids and adult will have fun on the sledding area, unless the children prefer to go to the kindergarten run by the ESF du Grand Puy (French Ski School).

The Grand Puy resort in summer

In summer, the Grand Puy resort offers a vast area perfect for hiking and mountain biking. You can spend the whole day in the Bike Park riding downhill. You can also go on a theme trail with your family to discover the fauna and flora. You will enjoy watching the preserved natural environment.

Don’t forget to take your hiking boots with you before you go. From Seyne les Alpes, you can follow the marked trails of the GR6. Numerous hikes are accessible to everyone. The town is located in an impressive and breathtaking cirque where you can admire the mountain range of La Blanche and its highest point Rocheclose at 2 739 meters of altitude, but also the summits of the Aiguillette, the Pic de Bernardez…

Discover the gems of the Grand Puy all year round

The resort of Grand Puy in Seyne les Alpes is a great destination for your next vacation, both in summer and in winter. The landscape is breathtaking: the Blanche river, the mountains, the agricultural plains, the forest and the green meadows. The resort is also classified as Green Holiday Resort and Snow Village “Station Verte de Vacances et Village de Neige”.

The village attracts tourists for its natural environment. You can also discover its cultural heritage. Seyne les Alpes is labeled Villages and Cities of Character. While there, you should visit the Fort Vauban which overlooks the village, the museums and the old village. Throughout the year, different types of events are organized in the village such as the “mulassier” horse competition, farriery, blacksmithing, harnessing, skidding days… linked to the mulassier tradition. The mule breeding in Seyne les Alpes dates back to the XIVth century.

Plan your holidays in Grand Puy

To help you plan your stay in the resort of Grand Puy, you can call the Blanche Serre-Ponçon Tourist Office at 04 92 35 11 00, located in Seyne les Alpes or check their website:

Shops and restaurants

In the ski resort, there are many restaurants, a pizzeria and a food truck where you can have lunch or dinner and enjoy the local cuisine. You will also find different shops there: bakery, supermarket, sports stores, craftsmen’s stores and local producers…


If you stay one week or more in Grand Puy, you can rent an individual chalet, a studio or an apartment or stay at a bed and breakfast, a vacation center, an hotel or even go camping. Contact the Tourist Office of Blanche Serre-Ponçon to get the list of accommodations where you can stay.

Weather and snow cover

Get the weather forecast in Le Grand Puy to plan your stay there: