Art De Vivre Provence Smorjane


An inventive and daring cuisine, a lively cultural scene in every season, and a rich architectural heritage – Provence is going to amaze you! Quality of life reigns king here, and pleasures of the palate and the soul are sacred.

A culture of taste

Passionate and creative

For ages, Provence has cultivated an immoderate taste for pronounced and refined flavours. Sun-drenched vegetables, olives oil, Herbes de Provence, Camargue rice, truffles and fresh fish served with a glass of chilled wine. The typical dishes of the South hail from a varied and abundant soil and never fail to delight. Even more so when they invite visitors on a unique culinary voyage, filled with surprising associations. Forget about the clichés and enter into the astonishing, colourful and inspired world of Provencal cuisine.


Living Culture

Vibrant and non-stop

Provence lives in pace with Mother Nature and the allure of hot summer evenings… Time ticks by slowly here, in peaceful tranquillity. But Provence is also a bubbling melting pot of culture. From the Avignon Festival to stunning flower parades, Les Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles (international photography festival) and winter’s traditional santon figurine markets, Provence is a vibrant hub in every season, pulsating with powerful, positive energy and enriching exchanges.


Architectural heritage

Ancient and contemporary

Carved by the genius of Roman and Christian builders, Provence boasts a time-honoured and exceptional architectural heritage. A playground for the century’s finest architects, the region flaunts its ancient and modern legacy with pride. The Roman Theatre in Orange, Popes’ Palace in Avignon, Mucem in Marseille and Fondation Luma in Arles promise an exciting voyage through the ages, bedecked with majestic, must-see and avant-garde monuments alike. An endless choice of awe-inspiring experiences.