Stage 5, step by step: Carry‑le‑Rouet to Marseille, l’Estaque

Your discovery of the coast where Mary-Magdelene walked continues. This stage will take you to the ultimate Mediterranean city: Marseille. A lively metropolis, where visual, sound and taste experience is guaranteed.

21 km – Length: 7h
Ascent 1110 m – Descent 1102 m
Level: Moderately strenuous

1.       From the car park, a little path takes you to D5. Go down it on the right for 300 m. After a little handrail, steps on the right take you to Avenue Jean Bart below D5 and then the seafront. Walk along the beach and then take Avenue Blanche Calvet on the right, and then veer left on Chemin des Eaux Salées to Chapelle du Rouet. [O> Out and back, visit the site of the chapel]. When you get to the top, before the entrance to the Village de Vacances, go left and through the barrier CB 111, and before the bridge, go right, between two fences, along the narrow path alongside the railway tracks. Go down the steps to the Calanque des Eaux Salées. Walk across the beach, under the viaduct and walk up the steps on the other side. At the top of the steps, go under an arch of the viaduct to reach Chemin de la Calanque du Puits. Follow this path for 1 km. After the Lotissement de l’Escalayolle, at the crossroads, go right down Chemin de la Madrague de Gignac for 100 m, go left into Chemin de la Redonne until it meets up with Chemin de la Dugué, turn right and leave the path rapidly to turn left onto Chemin du Pebraïre. Go down right to Calanque d’Ensuès-la Redonne. Go round the calanque until you reach the harbour. Turn left onto D 48E for Méjean.

2.       Straight away, take Chemin de Méjean on the right. Climb straight up it and after it meets Avenue Martin, continue alongside the railway tracks, straight up again and then down to Figuières. At the crossroads, opposite a tunnel, continue down to the right through a short passage then right again to follow Allée du Port, go through a gate. In Calanque des Figuières, take the steps on the left when you reach the quay. (Signpost “Méjean”). Follow the little overhanging path, and when you are in sight of a creek, walk up the big steps to reach Allée de la Falaise. Walk right up to the intersection with Chemin de Méjan. Veer right and go down to the harbour of Petit Méjean. Walk up again and then down to the harbour of Grand Méjean.

3.       In the harbour of Grand Méjean, take the Chemin du Littoral on the right above the pétanque ground, follow the coastline, take the bridge over the railway tracks and turn right. In Calanque de l’Erevine, go down into the little valley and walk up the stony trail on the left. Leave a narrow path to your left and, just before the ruins of a wall, take the second path right into the brush. At the topmost intersection, veer left.

4.       Go down to the right. After a ruin, at the first crossroads (the start of a cliff), leave the Fort Niolon on your right, veer slightly to the left and straight down the little path on the right. Continue between the rocky bars and the little valley on the left, veer right, go round the rocky bars, over the little stone bridge, follow a dry-stone wall and back to the railway tracks. Follow them left to the harbour of Niolon. Go through a barrier. Go up the road to the second bend to the left and take the path cut between two rocks on your left. This allows you to cross over the railway tracks from above and go down to the last houses of Calanque de Niolon. O> Very beutiful view of the calanque, the bay of Marseille and the Iles du Frioul. Do not take the path down to the harbour, take the balcony path on the left. A series of steps takes you down to Calanque de la Vesse. Veer left to walk along the fence of the Parc à bateaux. Go under the viaduct, straight on and up Chemin de la Carrière. After the houses, go under the concrete footbridge and take the steps on the right.

5.       Walk up the path on a ledge to Le Collet de Figuerolles, at the foot of the Rocher de la Croix which overlooks the village of La Vesse. At the crossroads, walk up left. Eat the bottom of the little valley, you’ll be on a quite wide path.

6.       Turn right up the zigzagging path and, at the crossroads, go right down the trail and then left on the road.

7.       200 m after the bend to the left, opposite a pine tree, go down to the right on a poorly marked trail, along the rocky bar and then up to the ridge to get back to the Sentier du Littoral. Stay above the railway tracks. Go down into the Vallon de l’Establon, cross the footbridge which ends at the road.

8.       Turn right ad walk along the road to the exit from the Resquiadou road tunnel. Go down along the beaches of Corbières and the port of La Lave. Go over the first roundabout. After the stadium, take Montée Antoine Castejon on the left. At the crossroads take Boulevard de la Falaise, at the next fork continue left on Avenue de la Mer. In the bend, climb the steps, cross the pétanque grounds and climb up left on Boulevard de la Falaise. When you reach the end, turn right onto Boulevard Raymond Fillat, continue straight on along Chemin de la Nerthe. After No 63, go down Traverse Mistral on the right and then Rue Jumelles on the left. After the church, go straight on along Montée des Ecoles and walk up Boulevard Roger Chieusse.

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