Stage 7, step by step: Marseille Saint‑Victor to Marseille la Barasse

A 100% Phocaean stage! Your steps will guide you through the colourful and lively quarters of the Provencal city where the sea air blows and dries the linen hung from the windows. Enjoy a magnificent day in the steps of Mary Magdalene.

22 km – length: 5½ h
Ascent 612 m – Descent 569 m
Level: moderate

1.       Go along Rue de l’Abbaye and turn right into Rue d’Endoume (No marking). Go straight on and after No 41, cross the square on the left-hand side and follow the ramparts of Rue des Lices, take the steps just before the footbridge leading to the entrance to Jardin de la Colonne. Your path meets up with the GR® de Pays 2013.

Walk right up Rue de Vauvenargues. Take the Chemin de Croix on the right for Notre-Dame de la Garde (Yellow/Red Marking).

2.       Go into the sanctuary and follow the belvedere on the right for about a hundred metres to a Camargue cross, then you will see on the left a little stairway which zigzags down through the agaves of the Bois Sacré. When you get to the road, go down to the right. Go straight across the square, between the CMA Roucas Blanc and the post office and turn left into Traverse de la Serre. At the fork, turn left on Rue de la Capitale. After No 27, take the steps on the right-hand side of Traverse Delphine, go left into Rue du Pontet, then after No 1414, climb the steps on the right-hand side of Rue Fontaine. At No 1, take the steep climb up Rue Protis. At the top, take Rue Pablo Picasso on the right. Go straight on, and at No 47 stay on the left and, at No 76, the street becomes pedestrian and joins the Avenue Garde Freinet and Avenue de Ramatuelle. After No 4, turn right and go to Promenade Georges Pompidou, cross over and turn left. After 200 m, go into the Parc Balnéaire du Prado.

3.       Go up to the monument Rimbaud at the top of the knoll. Walk left along the beach. When you reach the statue of David, take the steps straight ahead and walk alongside the little sandy stadium to the River Huveaune. Go over the bridge and into the Parc Borély and walk up the left bank of the Huveaune. Go straight on to the rose garden (roseraie) and follow the long bend to the right for about 500 m. 100 m after the Fontaine aux Oiseaux, just before the Armenian cross, take the little paved path on the left. At the Jardin d’Enfants, leave the park by a small stairway on the left. After the gate, turn left, cross over and follow Traverse Paul. After 800 m, at a fork, turn right on Rue Albert-Dubout. At the André Mattei roundabout, go down to the right.

4.       At the Pierre Guerre roundabout which is known as Pouce de César, veer left, go through the barrier on the left and into the park. Go through the garden on a paved path which goes up to a grassy knoll, go round it on the right-hand side and then straight on, between the condominiums on the left and the back of a sports facility on the right, stay in the park. Go through the gate and left at the roundabout, then right on Avenue de la Martheline. At the first roundabout, take Traverse du Puits on the left. When you reach the end, turn left and then right on Rue Louis-Conte. When you reach the end, turn right and left to the Obélisque de Mazargues.

5.       On the left, cross over the Boulevard Michelet. Just before the block of buildings, go down to the left in the car park and straight on down a little path through the grass. When you reach the road, turn left and at the roundabout, turn right up Traverse de la Gaye, after the Bureau de tabac (tobacconists) turn right into Rue de l’Horticulture. At the roundabout, between Nos 25 and 30, go round the roundabout on the right and left into the football ground.

6.       Continue alongside the Collège in a large empty area, and then Parc de la Mathilde. When you leave the park, go left down Boulevard du Cabot. Go past the roundabout, after the Grand Pré bus stop and turn right onto Avenue Grand-Pré. When you are opposite the gate to Nos 119-121, go down the Ancien Chemin de Cassis on the left. To the left of the gate to No 117, follow the path and cross the meadow to arrive straight away at a little road (Impasse Pélissier). At the traffic lights, turn left.

7.       At the next crossroads, turn left. Before No 2, go right into Boulevard Paul Claudel, and follow it for just over a kilometre.

8.       Just after the two successive little roundabouts, go up Traverse Chevalier on the right. At the top, turn left along the Canal de Marseille. After L’Ecole élémentaire des Trois-Ponts, walk down and at the crossroads, turn right into Traverse Chante-Perdrix.

9.       At the boules ground on Place Constantino, veer left twice in Traverse de la Volga which takes you to a path along the canal. When you reach the road, go left then right down Avenue Adrienne Ranc-Sakakini and, at the first pedestrian crossing, cross over and into Traverse de la Rustique which zigzags between the fences of housing estates and turn right at the crossroads. Where this intersects with a road, turn left into the chicane of La Traverse. When you reachh a multiple crossroads, go down opposite Boulevard du Général-Mangin. At No 32, take Boulevard Queirel on the left for Lycée Marcel Pagnol.

10.   Turn right into Boulevard de Saint-Loup for Parc St-Cyr. At No 240, turn right into Parc Saint-Cyr and go up to the château. When you leave the park, turn left and go down, after the Parc St Cyr bus stop, turn right between the trees towards Chemin Rural No 34 de la Valbarelle à Saint-Marcel. Go past a stadium, the Cité and L’Ecole maternelle Michelis.

11.   At the end of the avenue, go up a trail o the right along the fence to get to the canal (pipe) and follow it. At the end of the canal, come out of the résidence through a little gate and continue along beside the canal. After a little brick and stone bridge, turn right up Traverse Crésus. At the end of the traverse, take Rue Granière to the right for about a hundred metres and then take a path along the allotment gardens on the left. At the end of the gardens, go down the steps on your left into the car park of Cité des Néréides.

12.   Just after the dustbin shed, walk down the steps on the right and then up Rue Saint-Clair and turn right again up a steep, wider street. At No 68, take a stairway on your right to the Chapelle Notre-Dame de Nazareth. Go straight on and down Montée des Gaulois.

13.   Go straight up Boulevard de la Forbine. After a cistern, go through the barrier on the left. The path goes east and then north and continues east above the Canal de Marseille. At the DFCI CQ 123 barrier, walk down the Route du Vallon de Chaumery, turn right, walk up Chemin de la Maque, and turn left at No 29. When you reach the end, go down Chemin du pic Foch.

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