Bikepark Les Orres Hautes-Alpes
©Bikepark Les Orres Hautes-Alpes|Haute-Alpes

The top must-see bike parks

in the Alps

In summer, skiers leave room for riders and their carved-tyre mountain bikes to do incredible figures in the wild, breathtaking landscapes. Jump park, pump track, cross, no end of modules and trails in the mountains of the Alps to work on your descents, and technique and become a bike flip ace!

Test your limits in Les Orres Bike Park

Ride away as much as you like in Les Orres Bike Park. Located between 1650 and 2720 metres, this exceptional playground overlooks the Lake of Serre-Ponçon. You can just imagine the landscapes around – a real change of scenery. One thing’s for sure, the resort of Les Orres promises a summer at the top. Made up of 13 downhill trails including 1 North Shore trail, 3 Enduro itineraries and a kids’ area with pump track, the park will have your head reeling… from all the bumps. Satisfaction guaranteed for all types of MTB riders! In 2019 Les Orres hosted the 5th round of the Enduro World Series, the mountain biking World Cup. In 2021, the French DHI MTB Cup* and in September 2022, MTBs will again be in the limelight as the bike park will be hosting the World DHI MTB Championship. Hold on tight, there are three ski-lifts to take you to the bike park where you can start on the great descent to the resort or to the banks of the Lake of Serre-Ponçon on marked trails.

*downhill bike

Rise to the challenge at the Serre-Chevalier Bike Park

In the Briançonnais, the Serre Chevalier Bike Park has what it takes for you to love it and surpass yourself.  Anything goes here, so climb on your MTB for a sensational summer. The terrain has 8 downhill trails lovingly created by the Bike Patrols team, 10 Enduro itineraries including 5 accessible via the chairlift, 2 pump tracks, 1 BMX race trail and even dirt lines. There are 518 km of marked trails on its 8 X-Country itineraries. There’s something to suit all tastes: Alpine, forest, berms, both wide and narrow trails. The must: the “cut” wooden modules made with local trees such as larches.



“No fear” in the Auron Bike Park!

With its 1,200-metre height difference, the Auron Bike Park in St Étienne de Tinée will have your head spinning! 50 km of trails with 14 downhill trails and 4 electric-bike-suited circuits accessible to all levels which promise a vibrant discovery of the mountains in a Côte d’Azur version. This relaxation sport helps you let off steam and gives you an adrenaline hit and is of course open to all and not only MTB enthusiasts. Panels announce all the difficulties on the trails: you can choose to tackle it or take an escape route, it’s up to you and long live contingency plans! At the top of the Blainon chairlift, you’ll get an incredible view over the Mercantour Park, and you’re sure to get a glimpse of a marmot or a wandering herd of sheep.



Get your thrills in La Moulière Bike Park near Grasse

This is the nearest bike park to the sea and you can dip your toes in the water after having played at being a rider: The La Moulière Bike Park in the Haut-pays Grassois seems destined to become the headquarters of all outstanding mountain bikers! 12 downhill MTB trails and 2 MTB trails served by a chairlift from spring to autumn offer access to a pure moment of joy on two wheels. On average, the trails are about 1.5 km long with a height difference of approx. 200 metres All levels welcome, so there’s no excuse for not coming. On the menu: nice and slippery steep banks between the trees, rutted landscapes or slopes galore, when riding means fun, just enjoy it!

Riders galore in the Le Seignus Bike Park in the Val d’Allos

The resort of Val d’Allos is the cradle of modern enduro*and has had a close relationship with mountain biking for a long time. To see it with your own eyes, head for the Le Seignus Bike Park in the Val d’Allos. Come and spice up your summer:  10 trails, three DH trails and 7 enduro-typed downhill trails with a height difference of 930 metres. And if you just love bends, berms and sections in the woods: there’s boardercross! The North Shore, a fun course for kids and beginners is great for learning at your own rhythm. The marked downhill trails are accessible from the Clos Bertrand chairlift, so get ready to ride!

*all-terrain motorbike discipline

Le Grand Puy Bike Park: you can’t get enough of it!

Head for Seyne-les-Alpes and the Grand Puy Bike-Park: heaven for speed and thrills enthusiasts! No need to be a keen mountain biker set off on your ride on the 5 equipped downhill trails and the North Shore with its wooden modules with boardwalks, bridges and berms. The resort is about 45 minutes from Digne-les-Bains, Gap and Barcelonnette. A very pleasant location with marked itineraries and a promise of splendid landscapes and a majestic view of the Blanche chain.