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Roubion ski resort

mountain pleasures just 1 hour from Nice

Set clinging to a cliff like an eagle’s nest, the picturesque village of Roubion is a small, family-style ski resort cultivating calm and hospitality in Vallée de la Tinée. Perched on a hinterland rock encircled by ramparts, just one hour from Nice, Roubion appears to be out of reach. Yet many surprises await you there…

Cross-country or downhill skiing: winter in Roubion

A combined cross-country and downhill ski resort, Roubion invites you inside its ancient walls into a world of winter wonders. Ranging from traditional to astonishing, you’ll find a wide range of snow sports here. The Roubion-les-Buisses ski domain features 30 km of downhill slopes – 2 green, 5 blue, 12 red and 2 black – accessible via 8 ski lifts, so you never have to queue up for long. Less time at the lift and more time on the pistes! Cross-country buffs enjoy 12 km of free trails snaking their way through larch forests and glades, opening onto exceptional panoramic views. Off the beaten track, you’ll find a choice of snowshoeing trails plus one of Roubion’s little specialities: mountain biking in snow! If you’re a cycling fan or simply a lover of spills and thrills, don’t miss the resort’s star attraction!

To find out more, check out the trail map and prices, then book your stay online.

Roubion in summer, all-terrain mountain hikes

This little resort in Mercantour National Park promises plenty of fresh air in summer. Although mountain biking is an unusual winter sport, it’s an absolute must for outdoor lovers during the hot months. From a green trail to get you warmed up to a very-technical black trail, the ski lift hoists you up to the various challenges on offer, whether tracks or downhill slopes. If you fancy exploring the local mountain villages or simply getting a shot of adrenalin as you hurtle down the mountain side, there’s something here for daredevils and families alike! You can also opt for an electrically-assisted bike if you want to lap up the scenery without making too much of an effort… And if you’d rather enjoy a quiet walk, you’ve found your spot too: the local trails lead through refreshing spruces and firs to high-altitude plateaux with breathtaking vistas.

Strolls in every season in Roubion

Roubion is a character-filled village packed with age-old charm. Cross the ramparts and roam the narrow lanes winding between old houses, dotted with murmuring fountains set on little squares. A ruinedcastle, ramparts and gates stand witness to the tumultuous 12th-century conflicts between Savoie and France – a bygone chapter in the village’s history that locals still love to tell with pride over a cod brandade, soupe au pistou, beef stew or succulent plate of green gnocchi locally called merda di can (translated as dog poop!). Simply irresistible!
You can also schedule a visit to a local museum.

Prepping your holiday at the Roubion ski resort

Prep your holiday at Roubion by contacting the Roubion Tourist Office on +33(0)4 93 02 10 30, or call in to see them in the village centre. You can also browse the Roubion website where you’ll find plenty of info including maps, activities, entertainment, etc.

Shops & Restaurants

The village’s unusual combination of mountains and Provence has given birth to many tasty dishes served at the local “Bistrots de Pays”establishments. Auberge du Moulin serves traditional Nice specialities, while Auberge Quintessence prides in contemporary, gastronomic cuisine. You’ll also find a variety of shops on site including a supermarket, boulangerie and pharmacy.


Roubion is home to one aubergethe Auberge Quintessence – offering visitors a warm welcome all year round, together with a peaceful, comfortable and elegant ambience. You can also book a holiday rental, country cottage or B&B.

Weather & Snowfall

We recommend checking the forecast every morning to make the most of your stay. Weather conditions and snowfall are available in real time thanks to the online weather reports and webcams: