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January 2021

Renowned for its colourful narrow streets, the Vieux-Nice is a real must where life is good all year round. We just love walking around, wandering, and even getting lost so we don’t miss anything. But don’t forget to look up because the show is just as good seen from below!

Published on 9 March 2022

Vieux Nice : a 100% “Nissarde” experience.

Head for Cours Saleya, at the entrance to the old town, to start your Nicois escapade on the right foot. You’ll immediately plunge into the atmosphere as you walk up and down the stalls of the famous Marché aux Fleurs de Nice (Nice Flower Market) which is listed as an exceptional French market. Watch out, the good mood is catching here: Christine, Laurent and all the shopkeepers on the square have great pleasure in selling their bunches of flowers from Tuesday to Sunday under the multicoloured striped tents it is so famous for. After a coffee break behind one of the coloured facades, wander along the paved streets: a succession of souvenir shops, local products, bars and restaurants offer you a digest of everything you mustn’t miss. For those of you love snacks, we suggest a pan bagnat and a slice of socca to enjoy on a sunny little square.

A magical place: the Vieux Nice

As an avid photographer who loves old towns, the Vieux Nice with its little paved streets, those pastel colours which are just magnificent, its architecture, I fell in love with this old part of the town, and I walk there every day, to enjoy all the beauty of the place, its shops, its daily market and in the evening, it’s charming too, calm and bustling at the same time, it depends on the streets, each street has its own atmosphere, there are streets where there are restaurants, so it’s mostly calm, streets where there are bars and it’s more animated, empty streets which are very calm. My favourite place is the Parc de la Colline du château, with its view over the town, the sea, the mountains and to see the sun setting from this point is just fantastic.

Sohaib Bensalem

Just like being on holiday!

After you’ve captured the little streets of the Vieux Nice and its half-open shutters, there are several options:

  • Take to the heights and climb up to the Parc du Château for a plunging view over the characteristic blue of the Baie des Anges
  • Walk along the Promenade des Anglais and sit on the iconic blue seats in front of the sea
  • Walk further on to the Quai des Etats-Unis and take a picture of the unavoidable #ILOVENICE
  • Head for the harbour ans watch the boats, the really big boats and the small ones
  • Walk around the town and its many authentic busting suares: the most famous is Place Masséna with its red facades and blue shutters that contrast with its checkerboard paving

You’ve got it, “Bella Nissa” has many other surprises in store and you’ll have to come again if you want to see everything.

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Sohaib Bensalem

Hobby photographer

A lover of old towns, Sohaib has become a passionate photographer. As a Master’s student in Molecular Chemistry, his studies had him travelling between Morocco and France. As he puts it so well, the adventures he has had here and there have helped him to develop his curiosity and a sharp eye that can be found in his photographs. He now lives in Nice and strides along the streets with his camera to capture its beauty and authenticity.

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