spots sous marins

Top hotspots for observing our Mediterranean underwater plant & animal life

If you’re passionate about the underwater world, you’ll love our stunning Mediterranean sea beds! Welcome to a richly-diverse haven of subsea landscapes, reliefs and habitats, sheltering a multitude of living species in its enchanting patchwork of blues and greens… Let’s take a close-up look at some of the top spots for exploring our watery treasures…

The magical fjords

A diver’s playground just next to Marseille

Time seems to stand still in the Calanques National Park, one of France’s most beautiful diving hotpots and a little corner of paradise, where typical maritime vegetation adorns cliffs gazing over the Bay of Marseille. An absolute must for amateur and confirmed scuba divers alike, the site is home to over 70 diving hotspots with a wealth of impressive underwater caves, wrecks and drop-offs dwelling in its depths. Head to Ile Jarre in Riou to discover a plethora of subsea treasures, or Ile de Pomègues in Frioul, where ancient wrecks testify to a thriving sea trade in bygone days. Never tried you hand at diving before? No problem – simply opt for a maiden dive led by qualified instructors from L’Atelier de la Mer.

A family adventure off the coast of the Var

Snorkelling trails for everyone

Fancy trying your hand at snorkelling in France? Port-Cros National Park promises a unique and magnificently-preserved backdrop for your underwater adventures. Simply hop in and make your way around the snorkelling trails criss-crossing this remarkable maritime area – top marks if you’re first to find the fun floating buoys dotted around the trail! You can enjoy exploring the trails at your own pace or in the company of a specialist guide. And you don’t need any special gear except your swimwear either: the mask, snorkel and flippers are provided. Our Top 3 must-do sites? The Baie de la Garonne snorkelling trail departing from Le Pradet is a genuine treasure trove of rocky and grassy sea beds. In La Garde, keep your eyes peeled as you explore the translucent waters of the Anse Magaud trail: grouper fish, starfish and octopus all come to play here… Last but not least, if you’re seeking a calm and protected snorkelling trail, opt for the Jardin des Méditerranées at Domaine du Rayol on the Maures coast. Exquisite.

Coastal sea beds in the Côte Bleue Marine Park

A snorkeller’s sanctuary

Nestling between Carry-le-Rouet and Martigues, this acclaimed hotspot, featuring several marine protected areas sheltered by a Marine Park, is the ideal place for an easy-going introduction to snorkelling with family or friends. Forget about cumbersome oxygen cylinders – all you need is a mask and snorkel and you’re good to go! Summer is the perfect time for exploring the Carry reserve, and snorkellers of all ages are invited to enjoy an exciting and informative hour-long adventure in this beautiful and fragile environment. What’s more, the park also hosts special marine flora and fauna discovery workshops once a week, topped with some jaw-dropping anecdotes. Pretty cool!


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Marine habitats from the Estérel coast to Pointe de l’Aiguille

Exceptional, must-see biodiversity

If you’ve always dreamed of diving into the crystal-clear waters of the Estérel coast, now’s the time! Simply make your way to the Estérel-Théoule maritime park. Spanning 872 acres of gorgeous sea beds with terrains ranging from rocks to pebbles, sandbanks and Posidonia meadows, plus a variety of corals, this underwater oasis promises plenty of forever memories to take back home. Diving is strictly regulated at this unique and beautifully-preserved site, so please be sure to take every precaution to respect its fauna, flora and habitats. Looking for a fun and instructive excursion idea? The fascinating Pointe de l’Aiguille snorkelling trail is open to the public from mid-June to mid-September; you can explore it at your own pace or in the company of a specialist. You’ll learn all about the fish and coral crossing your path thanks to your special waterproof guide. Simply mesmerizing!