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Our must-do ethical fishing hotspots

Picture yourself on the banks of a lake or river, chatting with your pals and seeing who can land the biggest catch while you enjoy the fresh air, peaceful mountains and sound of lapping water… Welcome to fishing in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur: an outdoor sport boasting a host of benefits and an evermore ethical approach.

A stunning setting for fishermen

Between land and water…

Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman, novice trying your hand for the first time or simply watching from the pontoon, fishing in the Southern Alps is a must-do! A haven of mountain torrents and high-altitude lakes, this fisherman’s paradise par excellence promises breathtaking landscapes galore. And fish are plentiful here – you won’t be disappointed with the diversity of species meandering their way round our waterways: trout, char, pike, carp, roach and whitefish to name but a few… Learn how to tame your tackle with an introductory workshop and fishing trails for beginners. No-Kill aficionados will find plenty of special trails here too. What’s more, the region offers various certified accommodation specially for fishermen come to spend a weekend or holiday enjoying their favourite sport.

What is ethical fishing?

Preserving fish and their environment

The Southern Alps is a kingdom of fishing – but the true kings here are the fish! Ethical fishing allows fishermen to protect the various fish species while continuing to savour the pleasures of their preferred passtime. Various local associations and federations stand guard over our ecosystems and biodiversity. Aficionados can also attend workshops to learn how to master the art of fishing and get familiar with ethical practises. The Southern Alps benefits from dedicated fishing areas set in magnificent natural surroundings. You’ll also find areas reserved for specific fishing techniques, or open in certain seasons only. No-Kill fishing is currently attracting an increasing number of fishermen keen to let their catch swim free again.

A passion for fishing

The Camargue Regional Nature Reserve, a fisherman’s paradise

Let’s head to a charming fishing port in Camargue: Port Saint Louis du Rhône. Set at the heart of the Camargue Regional Nature Reserve, this is a highly-coveted fishing hotspot. If you head down Avenue du Port, you’re bound to come across the Port Saint Louis Fishing Club: its members are passionate fishermen promoting fishing techniques that respect the fish and protect Port Saint Louis du Rhône’s precious ecosystem. The association also hosts awareness days dedicated to honouring and preserving the local environment. You can opt for a variety of theoretical and practical classes there, ranging from introductions for novices to advanced techniques for old hands. On the programme: sea trips, knowledge sharing and, especially, a plethora of memorable encounters with fellow fishermen!



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A family affair

Fish rule at the Préalpes d’Azur Regional Nature Reserve!

If you’re a fish and fishing lover seeking a novel activity in the Southern Alps, look no more! Head to the Pisciculture du Cheiron organic brown trout and brook trout farm at the heart of the magnificent Préalpes d’Azur Regional Nature Reserve – a proud holder of the “Marque Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional” quality label. This human-scale farm is committed to upholding local biodiversity and the environment. You’ll find their fish at the local markets, producer shops and AMAPs (associations supporting small farming). The added extra? In summer, you can enjoy a fishing and tasting session at the farm – the ideal activity for a great day out with family or friends.


Fishing for all!

The Queyras Regional Nature Reserve, a plentiful playground

A paradise of streams, torrents, rivers and fishing lakes, the Queyras Regional Nature Reserve is an exceptional playground for fishermen, set against a sumptuous mountain decor. High-altitude fishing in lakes sometimes set above 1,800 metres is certainly an offer you won’t want to miss here – not to mention the fact that the Guil river is highly-coveted. And everyone is welcome! Various associations belonging to the Hautes-Alpes Fishing Federation have set up special fishing areas and stations, together with “Handipêche” fishing decks for reduced-mobility fishermen. No-Kill fishing fans will find plenty of good spots in the Queyras area too.


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A day of fun and fishing

Family fishing in the Ventoux Regional Nature Reserve

Let’s head to the Ventoux Regional Nature Reserve to savour the pleasures of ethical fishing with family or friends. You’ll find everything you need here for a great day out practising your favourite sport. Try your hand at No-Kill fishing in Vaison-la-Romaine or on the 1 km trail running alongside the Route d’Orange, just down the road from the Espace Théos – you’ll find a picnic area, games and a fitness course there too. This fun and sporty fishing technique is attracting increasing numbers of amateur and seasoned fishermen alike every year: you catch fish, let them go, the fish multiply and get bigger and you catch even bigger ones next time… Take up the challenge and see who lands the biggest prize!

Respectful fishing

Preserving the ecosystem of the Sainte-Baume Regional Nature Reserve

Preserving the local ecosystem and biodiversity is an absolute priority in the Sainte-Baume Regional Nature Reserve. The Var Fishing Federation has set up a variety of regulated fishing trails here, as well as fish reserves where fishing is prohibited in order to protect the various local species. Enjoy a delightful stroll through the countryside to discover the many No Kill fishing and No Kill Black-Bass trails situated on the local rivers. You can easily spot them thanks to the special signs and maps. The goal? To promote sustainable fishing that respects the local biodiversity and ecosystem, by freeing the fish back into their natural environment.

Fish and release!

No-Kill rules in the Mercantour valleys

Fancy a fishing trip in the beautiful Mercantour? So do we! Peace and tranquillity reign in the breathtaking decor of the Mercantour valleys, in the heart of the mountains. Just take your pick: the rivers of the Var, Cians, Verdon or Ubaye, or the high-altitude lakes of Lausfer, Rabuons, Terre Rouge and Oronaye. Satisfaction guaranteed! Settle down patiently while you wait for a brown trout or brook trout to bite… Then put it back in the water! Preserving biodiversity and the aquatic ecosystem is a priority here, so No-Kill fishing prevails. Let’s honour this exceptional legacy with ethical fishing techniques.

A fisherman’s fantasy

Écrins National Park, a kingdom of fishing

If you’re seeking a dream spot to quench your thirst for fishing in the Southern Alps we have just what you need! Brown trout, char and brook trout galore… Écrins National Park is a genuine kingdom of fishing and unique haven in the heart of the mountains, sheltering numerous fish species. Treat yourself to a trip to the banks of the Durance, Onde, Séveraisse or Drac rivers. And if high-altitude lakes are more your jive, the Fangeas, Crupillouse, Lauzon and Eychauda lakes are simply exceptional – although you’ll need to earn them! The perfect place to spend a relaxing day out in nature, far from the madding crowds… But look out for the fishing reserves – you’re not allowed to fish there!

A river runs through it…

Between gorges and lakes, the many fishing faces of the Verdon

The magnificent Verdon river supplies water to the whole of Provence and is the life force of the Verdon Regional Nature Reserve. Try your hand at charming the local trout on the No-Kill trail set up by the local Fishing Federation. The trail is located downstream from Esparron dam and at the confluence of the Colostre, a tributary of the Verdon river, currently undergoing restoration work to restore its ecological health. If you’re discreet, patient and blend in with the river bank, you’re likely to come across some massive fish here, not to mention busy beavers! You could easily be in Montana… The cherry on the cake? A choice of quality-certified accommodation welcoming fishermen visiting the Verdon Regional Nature Reserve.