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The country of Sault

Plain, Viewpoint, Forest, Uplands in Sault
  • The country of Sault streches in front of your eyes on emerging from the Nesque gorges. This is a plain bathed with sunlight in which agriculture and livestock farming have created a patchwork of sceneries. This is the birthplace of lavender.

  • This plain stretches at the base of the town of Sault, and all the way from Aurel to Monieux, like a carefully tended garden bordered by forests which are full of hazelnut, blackberries, and other wild berries. The town of Sault stands out on a rocky spur, strong and sturdy, having withstood countless harsh winters. On the edge of Sault, a vast and lively esplanade overlooks the plain below. Linden trees blossom, spreading their sweet smell and birdsong fills the air.
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