Tourism in Aiglun, Côte d'Azur

The villages are privileged destinations, away from the tourist roads. You will be charmed by Aiglun, a charming village in the heart of the Alpes-Maritimes. Enjoy the authenticity of this small village typical of the Préalpes. By taking the discreet roads leading to this charming village, you will enjoy a completely different pace, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Nature is at the heart of the attractiveness of this village. There are numerous hiking trails in the village: walking for several hours or family walks, you will find itineraries adapted to beginners as well as more experienced walkers. You can also try your hand at different activities in the Alpes-Maritimes: horse riding, golf initiation, climbing, tree climbing, paragliding…

Like other villages in the Alpes-Maritimes, Aiglun offers visitors a very rich terroir.

The terroir is part of the identity of this part of the Préalpes, where producers in love with their trade continue to bring tasty local specialties to life.

As you travel through the roads of the Préalpes, you can visit remarkable monuments: Romanesque churches, character houses, castles or manor houses…

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The Natural Park of the Préalpes d’Azur

From the marriage between the French Riviera and the mountains of the Alps were born the Préalpes d’Azur. The landscapes here are grandiose and wild: valleys with cultivated fields, forests and clearings, steep-sided valleys? Under the sun of the Préalpes d’Azur grow more than 2000 plant species, 65 of which are protected and 40 species that grow only in the region. Bird enthusiasts have the opportunity to observe a large number of species: the ladder tichodrome, the European owl, the Jean-le-Blanc circaète, the golden eagle, the white-fronted redstart, the melodious linnet, the red-backed shrike, the red-backed shrike… You will be able to practice many nature activities, whatever your level. Many easy or difficult routes have been mapped out for walking enthusiasts. You can also discover the paths of the Park by mountain bike, practice climbing or canyoning, take off on a via ferrata, or even get to know the skies during a paragliding flight… You can also set off to discover a cultural heritage of discreet beauty: bread ovens, historical landmarks, castles, fountains, wells, oratories, chapels, churches… Markets and grocery stores will invite you to discover local products: gingerbread, honey, goat’s cheese, lamb meat, vegetables, fruit, farm products, olive products (oil and pasta)…

Museums in the Alpes-Maritimes department

From the Côte d’Azur to the villages of the Mercantour and the French Riviera, arts and culture make a major contribution to the tourist offer of the Alpes-Maritimes, with several dozen museums. According to your desires, you can discover, for example, the museum of the Wonders of Tende, the Castre museum in Cannes, the museum of the Tower of Antibes, the Malmaison in Cannes…

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