Tourism in Sarrians

Commune of the Vaucluse, the village of Sarrians is nestled in a remarkable natural setting. Sarrians has an active historic centre with various stores. For example, it is a real pleasure to have a bakery on site, where you can enjoy hot breads and pastries every day.

vacations are an opportunity to reconnect with nature? There are numerous hiking trails in the village: unevenness, length, you can easily find itineraries suitable for beginners as well as experienced walkers. During your stay, you can also discover other activities: paragliding, horse riding, climbing, tree climbing…

From the Mediterranean coast to the high meadows of the alpine valleys, the attractiveness of southeastern France also lies in its gastronomy of rare diversity. Visit the producers of Comtat Venaissin and share the unique atmosphere of the regional markets.

In the Comtat Venaissin, you can discover a historical and cultural heritage of great quality: chapels and churches, forts and castles, historical monuments, historic sites, museums… The region’s heritage offers great ideas for visits and discoveries. Here, a restored wash house. Not far away, a Renaissance castle surrounded by its gardens.

The local Tourist Office will provide you with information about the activities on offer and the monuments.

You wish to find accommodation in southeastern France? You can discover a selection of accommodation to spend your stay in the Vaucluse department: hotels, guest houses, campsites…

On Papal soil

Sarrians belonged to the Comtat Venaissin, a territory in the heart of the Papal States. Stretching for the most part to the east of Avignon, from Caderousse to Mont-Ventoux, the Comtat is renowned for the beauty of its landscapes and its exceptional historical heritage, in Avignon and in the towns and villages of the Comtat.

Vaucluse museums

During your stay, you will be able to push open the doors of a large number of museums. The department has several dozen, including the Petit Palais museum in Avignon, the Calvet museum in Avignon, the winemaker’s museum in Rasteau, the Requien museum in Avignon, the Lambert Collection in Avignon…