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Contrat de Destination Provence

The website is backed by the “Contrat de Destination Provence”: a project designed to promote the magic of Provence worldwide, shine the spotlight on the uniqueness of Provence and unveil every aspect of the destination, from the most expected to the most unexpected. The website is, in particular, a media for international marketing campaigns designed to relay the destination’s foremost values.

Provence is a highly-attractive international destination, benefiting from an extremely positive image linked to its lifestyle and culture, the Mediterranean Sea, South of France and holidays… However, like all of France, Provence is facing increasingly fierce competition from numerous other tourist destinations around the globe.

In this context, 25 travel partners got together in 2015 to instigate « Les Art’S’ de Vivre en Provence » (Lifestyles in Provence) project in the framework of the « Contrat de Destination Provence », focusing on the destination’s time-honoured roots, history and authentic character, together with its artistic diversity and contemporary inspirations. Foremost themes include Lifestyle & Heritage, Lifestyle & Taste and Lifestyle & Culture.

The « Contrat de Destination Provence » project offers Provence a valuable opportunity to expand its horizons and boost its joint international promotion efforts. Thanks to the new brand name « Provence, Enjoy the Unexpected », launched on April 25th, 2017, and dynamic pooling of resources, we are now in a position to reach the general public directly through a variety of international communication campaigns targeting various markets.

The « Contrat de Destination Provence »– one of France’s most dynamic tourism projects – was extended for a further 3 years in July 2018, with new partners joining the combined effort. Currently, 30 organisations are pooling their resources in commitment to this joint strategy.

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