The Best Shopping in Marseille

After visiting the essentials of Marseille like the Mucem or the Vieux Port, head to the city centre. For a day that embraces the warmth of the Mediterranean, here are  our favorite addresses for shopping in Marseille!

Marseille Soap

In Search of its Secrets

How can you imagine a day of shopping in Marseille without including its famous soap? La Grande Savonnerie de Marseille is an essential stop for exploring the emblem of the city! Here, you will learn that the real thing is made from olive oil, barric, soda or ash – that’s it. This simple recipe is known worldwide – you can witness it up close at La Grande Savonnerie’s workshops. With Sylvain Dijon, one of the last master soap makers, learn to produce your own 100% genuine Marseille soap! Choose an original shape or engrave a little message to make your creation completely unique. A word of advice? Choose the driest soap you can: it’s the guarantee for a long shelf-life.

La Grande Savonnerie
36 Grand Rue
13002 Marseille

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La Maison Méditerranée

A Perfume of the Mediterranean

Provence, we love it for its perfumed aromas: what if they could be found in your favourite beauty products? La Maison Méditerranée has taken on the challenge by offering healthy and natural skincare products, like solid oat shampoos or toothpaste with lemon essential oil. Here, there is no question of synthetic perfumes or petrochemical ingredients: everything is natural and produced by local operators. Pure pleasure for your skin and the environment! As a little green gesture, soap rejects are not thrown away, but are sold in packs. It’s a good way to try out the various skincare products of La Maison Méditerranée at little cost. If when you leave the shop, it happens to be lunchtime, taste the cuisine of Le Clan des Cigales, a restaurant specialising in lovely Mediterranean products, located just a short walk from La Maison Méditerranée!

Maison Méditerranée
1 rue Rodillat, 13002 Marseille

Le clan des cigales
8 rue du Petit Puits, 13002 Marseille

Maison Empereur

In Search of Unique Objects

Continue your shopping by heading towards Maison Empereur, a place well known to Marseillais and for good reason. Here, you are in the oldest hardware store in France: a treasure trove that has spanned six generations! Laurence will welcome you to guide you through the incredible labyrinth of her shop. From everyday objects to the most unlikely gadget, there really is something for everyone. We bet you won’t leave this unique store empty-handed. Want a break in your Marseille shopping? A very cosy tearoom is hidden upstairs at Maison Empereur. Order a café to savor the vintage atmosphere of the tiny room. 

Maison Empereur
4 rue des Récolettes
13001 Marseille

La Maison Blaize

Try Out the Benefits of Plants

Head to Maison du Père Blaize, an institution since 1815, to explore the incredible power of medicinal plants and herbs! Here, you can delight in an entirely natural herbal tea and get advice on essential oils, the speciality of the house. With or without a prescription, go to the main herbalist area to fill up on natural concoctions. From a seasonal cold to insomnia, you will learn to heal many everyday ills with plant science. A place to explore for all lovers of well-being in a natural way.

Maison Blaize​​​
4-10 rue Meolan et du Père Blaize
13001 Marseille

Greg & Co

Unearth a Rare Pearl

Only a short walk from Le Vieux-Port, open the doors of Grégory’s studio to discover a fantastic world! Between vintage objects and industrial design, the place has everything to charm the visitor seeking interior design ideas. From a 1950s lamp to a hand-woven rug, at Greg & Co, every object has a soul and can be admired as if you were in a museum. Don’t hesitate to ask Grégory for decorating advice: this former cabinet maker will be delighted to show you his most beautiful pieces!

Greg et Co
35 Rue Neuve Sainte-Catherine
13007 Marseille​​