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©Scene Public Les Escapades Chateau Arnoux Alpes Haute Provence Shillairet

Les Escapades in Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban

A free outdoor festival

Every year, the Théâtre Durance invites music lovers of all ages to discover a variety of talented artists at this fun, festive and environmentally-friendly festival.

Les Escapades Château Arnoux - Saint Auban
Les Escapades  Château Arnoux - Saint Auban
Les Escapades Château Arnoux - Saint Auban

A festive meeting for all audiences, heralding the start of summer

The days are long in mid-June and the air is warm with the sweet scent of the coming summer holidays. It’s one of the loveliest times of year here in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and just happens to be the date chosen for “Les Escapades” festival, bringing together audiences of all ages around a particularly varied music scene. The vibrant programme of this outdoor festival offers a wonderful teaser for the summer pleasures to come. Accessibility has been one of the core values of this entirely free and intergenerational event since its creation in 2011. “Les Escapades” festival takes place around the Théâtre Durance, located in Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban, renowned for its multidisciplinary cultural offering. Today, this lively event has become a genuine must-do among the region’s exciting, year-long festival line-up.

An eclectic music scene

“Les Escapades” is dedicated to music discovery. Driven by a pledge to diversity, the festival is committed to showcasing emerging artists from varied backgrounds who are not yet well-known to the public, but are already regulars on the music scene. The various bands, originating from the region, throughout France and even beyond, offer a great mix of genres ranging from jazz to rock, electro hip-hop, funk, folk and even psychedelic pop jazz folk! In reality, it’s not always easy to allocate a precise genre to these multi-faceted musicians who delight in blending a variety of musical influences with totally unique results. But one thing’s for sure, it’s an experience you can only savour live!

A committed and resolutely local festival

In addition to a carefully-curated musical line-up, “Les Escapades” offers a selection of fresh, seasonal produce every year, giving pride of place to short distribution circuits. For example, instead of the usual big brand name sodas, the bar serves a 100% local selection of beverages including beers, wines and organic cordials… If you’re feeling peckish, you’ll find various regional food trucks on site, regaling festival-goers with a range of delicious fare such as burgers, pizzas and organic and vegetarian dishes – only the best will do! The festival is deeply committed to eco-friendliness, reflected in its reusable tumblers, dry toilets and waste recycling bins. In short, a plethora of great reasons to come along and experience “Les Escapades” for yourself. See you there!