The Lavender Route

Want to get off the beaten track? Opt for the Lavender Route in Provence! Between well-being, ancestral craftsmanship and unforgettable landscapes, discover the secrets of the “blue gold” in five enchanting steps.

CircuitDurée5 jours
Lieux visités
Parc Naturel Régional du Luberon
Plateau de Valensole
Etape 1The Distillery of Les Agnels

Start your Lavender Route ​​​​​​​​​at the Distillery of Les Agnels​​​. This family business will take you behind the scenes of their crafts via a fascinating guided tour of the premises. Sharpen your lavender savvy by learning to differentiate between fine lavender, spike lavender and lavandin. Play chemist by exploring the various methods of extraction from the blue flowers and witness a real traditional distillation. Outside is where the manual work happens. Head to the most beautiful plot on the estate for a demonstration of lavender cutting by sickle, an action of yesteryear which has retained its beauty throughout the centuries.

Etape 2Le Couvent des Minimes Hotel and Spa by l'Occitane

Located in a verdant setting at the heart of the Luberon, the Couvent des Minimes Hotel & Spa opens its doors to you for an unforgettable holiday. Soak up the soul of Provence in this authentic place and let the gentleness of the South soothe you. Here, lavender is everywhere. Find it, discreet and sensual, in essential oils devoted to massages. Breathe it in, among spices and vegetables in the vast aromatic garden of the Couvent. Finally, taste it at the table of the hotel’s Michelin-starred chef for an unprecedented sensory journey. A timeless escape!

Etape 3L’Institut Florame

The Lavender Route continues with a tour of L​​​​​​’Institut des Huiles Essentielles Florame ​​​in ​​​​​​Mane. For devotees of the virtues of plants or nature lovers, this institute’s activities will reveal a thousand and one applications for distilled plants. Find out about the amazing therapeutic powers of lavender, its various uses in traditional perfumery and the presence of its properties in organic cosmetics. If you say theory, we say practice! Solo or with your family, create your own essential oils at aromatherapy workshops and find the perfume which appeals to your senses.

Etape 4The Plateau de Valensole

In Provence, don’t miss the Plateau de Valensole, the region’s real granary. Truffles, honey, olives, almonds and lavender rotate to the rhythym of the seasons. If your palate will love this plateau, so will your skin. With its 300 days of sun per year, the region invites you to to savor it all year. Head to the Angelvin family and explore their lavender tradition through a presentation about the farm and a perfumed tour of their distillery. Want a souvenir from le Sud? Lavender essential oils and soaps are an excellent idea.

Etape 5The Musée de la Lavande in Coustellet

End your Lavender Route at the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional du Luberon. Want to know all about the « blue gold »? Head to Coustellet and its Musée de la Lavande, which puts the spotlight on its natural heritage and its ancient history. Did you know, for example, that Roman women chewed lavender to hide the smell of alcohol on their breath? Sit down and relax in front of the Museum’s documentaries or explore the Lincelé family’s farm in an exceptional setting. Pamper yourself and let yourself be tempted by organic cosmetics with pure lavender which are 100% natural.