The top not-to-be-missed places in and around Marseille

Come and discover Marseille a vibrant city with a typical accent, proud of what it has to offer, and make the most of the surrounding area to explore the hidden gems of Provence. Avignon, Toulon, Aix-en-Provence … inland or on the coast, here are our absolute musts for a shot of Provence!

Head for Marseille

Sunny, popular and lively Marseille is the capital of Provence. Come and discover its musts and its lesser-known spots that the Marseillais adore. If you’re passing through Marseille, switch to “relaxed” mode. Marseille is unique and has a lovely lazy feeling, so you can enjoy it in slow mode. A pastis on the Vieux-Port, a dip in the sea at Malmousque, a tour of the Mucem and the Cosquer cave, up to the heights for a view from the “Bonne Mère” … just follow our instructions: Have fun!

Focus on Provencal towns

Set off into urban Provence. The little villages with their narrow paved streets are often on your wish list but the beautiful towns of Provence are also well worth a visit. Avignon and its famous Palais des Papes, Toulon and its scrumptious covered market, Arles and its Fondation Luma, Aix-en-Provence and its thousand fountains … They all have their own character and lifestyle, and their quarters are just charming! So head for these towns with their Provencal spirit where life is good!

A green break in the natural areas of Provence

Ready for a good breath of fresh air? The natural areas of Provence are vivifying and you’ll love roaming around them. Breathtaking viewpoints, coastal or backcountry trails, vegetation as far as the eye can see and silent nature, all of this is what these protected areas where people and nature live respectfully together have to offer. Find time for a green break during your weekend just a few kilometres from the big cities of Provence!

Cycling is always a good idea!

Did someone say that nobody cycles in Provence? Nonsense! There are several itineraries which will have you on your bike for a mountain bike ride. You can try the Via Rhôna which ends on the banks of the Mediterranean and the beaches of Camargue: through the marshes, along the canal, look up and you’ll see a flock of flamingoes taking flight. Another option could be the “Autour du Luberon” cycle-touring loop from Cavaillon to Apt with vineyards and villages along your way! From the Luberon Natural Park, cycle on the “Méditerranée à vélo” itinerary. Head through the Pays d’Aix for the Haut-Var and then pedal along the coast of the Côte d’Azur. On the menu: lavender, sea and lovely stones. So, what’s your choice?

100% Provencal skills and crafts

If you’re passing through Provence, you just have to stop off at the workshops and boutiques of our favourite artisans. If you’re curious, take a tour of the places where traditional Provencal products are made! And make the most of it to discover these crafts professions and skills, and don’t forget to visit the boutique to look for some lovely souvenirs to take home with you: santons, ceramics, beers, soaps and calissons, take your pick!