• Historic site and monument
  • Historic patrimony
  • Town / Village
Elevation : 1020m
Le Village 06460 Escragnolles
Escragnolles, a village in the foothills of the Alps above Grasse, stretches across the hillsides just below the famed Route Napoléon, facing the Forêt de Briasq, a forest populated with white oak on the shady hillsides and holm oaks on sunnier slopes.
Escragnolles is a place for those who love the peace and beauty of nature, a land of natural springs and pastoralism. The Pare River is perfect for sport fishing.
It is an excellent place to search for fossils.

Having been occupied since prehistoric times, the area boasts many ancient ruins, such as the Dolmen des Claps or the dry-stone fortifications of the Oppidum (Castellaras) de Cogolin.

Things to do & Sights to see :
• Saint Martin chapel
• Hiking
• Mountain biking
Elevation : 1020m
Le Village 06460 Escragnolles
Spoken languages
  • French
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